Finnish ‘Occult Murder Pop’ Band CVLT OV THE SVN To Play First London Show

Finnish dark alternative rockers Cvlt Ov The Svn are set to perform in the UK for the very first time at London’s The Lexington on 27th September 2019

The show will offer gig-goers the first chance to witness the ethereal manifestation of their self-branded ‘Occult Murder Pop’ being brought to life.
“When I wrote these songs, I wanted to push people’s boundaries,” says the mysterious creative visionary behind Cvlt Ov The Svn of their music. The music he’s been quietly orchestrating over the last few years feels dangerously unsettling, lacing its churning heaviness with sweet and seductive pop melodies. The character he takes on stage twists the dagger of perception even further from behind a mask that could easily have been featured in any of your favourite horror movies. It all makes for a combined experience that cuts deep and close to the bone, as all great art should.
Much like heavy metal originators Black Sabbath, who saw horror fans queuing at their local cinema, and in more recent times Ghost, who have harnessed sacred practices to make their own rituals the stuff of legend, Cvlt Ov The Svn’s inspiration stems from the conceptually rich, offering an escapism that feels very much needed at a time where the human race is seemingly doomed.
Check out Cvlt Ov The Svn’s video for recent single “The Pit”, which has amassed over 85,000 Spotify streams to date:

Tickets for The Lexington show are available here: