The Drowning announce new album

The long-running band The Drowning from the UK, due to release new album The Radiant Dark on November 8th, 2019.

The Drowning play sincere death/doom metal but with added clout. They have been compared to their label mates Warcrab however The Drowning mixes death metal with melancholic doom. Their new album is being released by Transcending Obscurity Records in November. If you’re a fan of  Warcrab, Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Hex, Esogenesi, Evoken or Illimitable Dolor then this album is for you.

The Drowning from the UK pay tribute to the death/doom pioneers of the style but they add their own dynamics to the affair, balancing poignancy with pummeling aggression. Rarely has this been pulled off without disrupting the mood but The Drowning are surprisingly adept at it. It’s as if the pent up emotions are being channelled after an eloquent, meaningful expression. This keeps happening during the course of the wonderfully varied and interesting album, that adds a dimension to the standard UK death/doom that we’re well-acquainted with. The organic and sonorous production works with both aspects of their sound and only makes the emotions that much more palpable. Structurally rich, this album grows on you with each listen, and the outstanding performance by the vocalist in expressing grief and rage elevates it above other albums of this ilk.


Band lineup – 
Steve Hart – Drums
Matt Small (AnakimVile Inscription) – Vocals
Jason Hodges – Guitar
Richard Moore (Desecration) – Bass
Mike Hitchen (My Silent Wake) – Guitar

Artwork and layout by Matt Vickerstaff (Darkthrone)

Track listing – 
1. Alpha Orionis
2. The Triumph of the Wolf in Death
3. Prometheus Blinded
4. In Cold Earth
5. All that we need of Hell
6. Harrowed Path
7. I Carve the Heart from the Universe
8. Blood Marks My Grave

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