The Drippers – Action Rock

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: The Sign Records
Released: 2019
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Band Line-up:

Viktor Skatt: Bass/Vocals
William Dickborn: Guitars/Vocals
Niclas Kristoferson: Drums


01. (Ain’t No) Shangri-La
02. Gimme The Shakes
03. Feldman’s Exit
04. Langgatan
05. White Light
06. Backbeat
07. Bottled Blues
08. Sweet Action
09. Finskt Blod
10. Ready To Fall
11. Day Turns To Night


Absolutely everything you need to know about Action Rock can be garnered from the cover illustration alone. It features a rat-rodded dragster, spewing out flames and careering at speed towards who-knows-what, while a hurtling World War II bomber drops its motherload from above.

To add to the madness, the whacky vehicles on the sleeve are being driven by a manic gang of frog-folk, each of whom appears whipped into exactly the sort of frenzy that rock and roll has built its reputation on.

It’s pretty nuts.

But if it doesn’t give you enough of a clue as to the sort of wild abandon contained in the album’s half hour run time, then consider the band’s Swedish origin and the involvement of producer, Tomas Skogsberg; a man who has recorded and mixed for the likes of Gluecifer, The Hellacopters, Entombed and Backyard Babies.  All bands who have carved a career playing it loud and loose; which is a template The Drippers do not deviate from.

Basically, if you’ve ever shaken your ass to The Stooges then you know what The Drippers sound like. On Action Rock they do not break the mold, they do not bring new ideas, they are simply throwing down a hi-octane soundtrack to a Friday night that lasts until Monday morning!

It may be derivative, but the whole thing is convincing enough to remain credible and the songs crackle with an energy that is appealing and infectious. Langgatan brings the cowbell, White Light brings the Motorhead and Finskt Blod is a particularly savage rock and roll tune. The whole release is defined by the sheer level of adrenaline maintained throughout.

Recommended if you enjoy, sweat, leather and diesel!

Just hold on tight.

Review By Beandog