Deadthrone – Premonitions

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/Label: Arising Empire
Released: 2019
Buy Album: Here
Band Website: Here

Band Lineup:

Chris Bissette| Vocals
James Bolton| Guitar/Vocals
Sam Clough| Guitar
Benj Speight| Drums

  1. Feel
  2. Runaway
  3. Revival
  4. Time Won’t Wait
  5. Wide Awake
  6. Believe
  7. Hearts In Our Hands
  8. Stand your Ground
  9. Respite
  10. Soothsayer
  11. Beacons
  12. Seven Years

Deadthrone, cool name; nice artwork too for the album. Looks like we could have something quite devious here. Possibly some proper good heavy music… Alas, it’s another metal-core album which does go heavy with the instrumentation and screaming vocals but only sporadically whilst maintaining a strong focus on clean vocals and soft airy melody.

Hailing from Manchester, the four piece came into creation after vocalist Chris Bisette and drummer Benj Speight’s previous band called it a day. Can’t imagine why. Anyways, they brought out their introductory EP ‘To Hell And Back’ and, with a name like that, you can imagine how happy and full of life that piece of music was. Actually, it lays the groundwork quite perfectly for this album but don’t you be wishing for smiles and sunshine in this one.

The opening track ‘Feel’ starts like an intro to a trance album, with synthy vocals rising and falling before the more, dare I say, “traditional” instruments take over. It gives off a very finitely structured feel without much room for expanding. There are a few tracks that have this very programmed feel such as ‘Believe’ which uses programmed percussion at the opening of the track. The electronic elements are prevalent throughout the album with more of a presence at the beginning and end of tracks.

In terms of heaviness, the main technique used is djent like a lot of today’s metal-core bands. The heaviest serving on the album has to be ‘Revival’ which is the first track on the album to open in a more djenty/heavy fashion. We get another slice this stylistic shift in ‘Hearts In Our Hands’. Of course, you’d expect a song titled ‘Stand My Ground’ to have some fight in it and it does sending mixed messages from all the other examples of running away from problems.

The production is tight so will serve the album and the band well when their fans get their hands on the album. I guess that it’s good for what it is, if you like manufactured music that just blends into the myriad of other emotionally driven metal-core. They do know how to use a strong chorus but the polarising elements of their music just frustrates me, likewise their music’s ability to wrap around my brain and infuriate me after listening is a chore but this will work to the band’s advantage. Their songs do have staying power, I just do not like the style at all.

Whinge-core may be a more apt category for this band with a cool name and interesting album cover. Deadthrone, could have been something more corresponding to their aesthetic but maybe they think there’s something in there. I certainly don’t but that’s because it’s not my cup of tea and never will be. Sorry dudes, that’s a negatory from this cowpoke.