Grande Royale – Take It Easy

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label URL: The Sign Records
Released: 2019
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1.) Bring it Up
2.) Out of Gas
3.) Hands Up
4.) Sweet Livin’
5.) Cogitator
6.) Decelerate
7.) Ms. Sunshine
8.) Baby You’re a Fool
9.) Going Strong
10.) Standing in My Way
11.) On and On

Band line-up:

Gustav Wremer – Guitar, vocals
Amdreas Jenå – Guitar
Samuel Georgsson – Bass
Johan Häll – Drums


Grande Royale are a Swedish rock band, poised to release their second full-length album, Take It Easy on The Sign Records.

Certainly “Take It Easy” seems like an apt title, as their particular style of hard rock is a pretty easy-going and easy to listen to type. It definitely lies on the softer side of the genre, more toe-tapping than head-banging. The vibe Take It Easy brings is one of a feel-good party full of smiles and good cheer (just listen to the up-beat bounce of “Bring It Up”, which even busts out some saxophone part way through). A certain country twang even rears up to the fore from time to time (as in “Out of Gas” or “Sweet Livin'”).

And while there’s nothing wrong with a more cheery or pleasant album, Take It Easy does suffer from feeling a bit too standard and playing it safe. Most of the songs are dominated by a very by-the-numbers strumming and rhythms, sticking to an inoffensive approach at all times. Melodic and catchy is fine, but there needs to be some kind of weight behind the musical punches thrown for the album to feel like it matters (just listen to something like Deep Purple’s Stormbringer album for a comparison: still bearing a relaxed, fun-loving attitude, but with hooks abound to get you grooving along).

There’s nothing overtly wrong with Grande Royale’s work here, and for those just looking for a fun slice of rock, you could do worse. I’ve heard more vapid and dull albums. But Take It Easy is maybe taking it a bit -too- easy, and all too often ends up passing by without leaving any kind of impact, even a bad one.

Review by:

Kieron Hayes