Lagerstein – 25/7

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Kegstand Records
Released: 2019
Buy Album:–J7u7PWJ6Re8
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Captain Gregarrr – Vocals,
The Majestic Beast – Lead Guitar,
Neil Rummy Rackers – Guitar,
Lucky The Great – Bass,
Mother Junkst – Violin & Keytar,
Jacob – Keyboards,
Rusty Timbers – Drums.


1. Midnight Moonshine
2. Dig, Bury, Drink!
3. The Wild West
4. Shoey Song
5. Drink Of The Pirates
6. Piña Colada Paradise
7. Wench My Thirst
8. Off The Map
9. Party Parrot
10. Aqua Bong
11. 25 Hours
12. A New Day
13. Down Under


Say the words “pirate metal” to anyone who is even remotely interested in rock or metal, and you can be sure a smile will spread across their face. It immediately conjures thoughts of raucous fun, copious drinking and high-seas hijinks (basically an average Friday night here at IV). It may not be the most high-brow of subgenres, but it sure works to make for the fun times – and metalheads sure know how to make for the fun times. So what can Australia’s premier pirate metal outfit, LAGERSTEIN, provide us on their latest “25/7”?

Aside from an apparent extra hour for partying, a perfectly serviceable album of pirate metal anthems with which to get our drink on. The likes of “Shoey Song” and “Party Parrot” capture that fun, bouncy ideal of pirate metal perfectly, ensuring the good times will roll as much as the barrels of rum do. Up-tempo riffing and liberal use of an accordion gives a huge sense of enjoyment to proceedings, and fits right in with the aesthetic. “25/7” does have a pair of curve-balls to throw in, firstly in the form of the Caribbean-inspired “Piña Colada Paradise”, with it’s reggae-esque guitar chops and steel drums. Secondly with the splendidly boozy cover of MEN AT WORK’s “Down Under”.

It does have its confusing moments, though. There are points that don’t feel particularly in keeping with the raucous spirit of partying – there are occasions where it’s a bit like that time at a party where everyone’s had their fill of drink and it’s an hour from heading home. The first indication that there are some things at odds with the subject matter occurs right from the off with “Midnight Moonshine”. Is it a bouncy, fun and up-tempo affair? Nope. It’s rather closer to some epic folk metal, with a mid-tempo pace and whimsical lead. It opens out with the chorus, but without the lyrics calling “to party for twenty-five hours a day”, it just doesn’t have that sense of fun you would expect from the genre.

Where this musical approach does work, however, is on a song where the subject matter is less party, and more “impending doom”. While it is not exactly a super serious song – something which would ordinarily stick out like a full complement of legs in a sea of pegs – “Off The Map” marries lyrical content to the album’s larger sounds. Sailing to the end of the seas amongst an album of party anthems? Let’s face it, who hasn’t begun querying existence during a drunken stupor? And with the rest of the album’s cuts, there’s plenty of partying to be had to allow for it.

Ably performed by the band and captained by Captain Gregarrr LAGERSTEIN’s latest voyage into the high seas of metal can be considered a successful one, with a fine collection of booty. It doesn’t quite hit the mark throughout, but that won’t matter none when the rum’s flowing and the treasure’s been buried. There’s plenty of energy about the place, so lift the anchor and set sail into the weekend with this hearty crew.