Reptilium – Conspiranoic (E.P)

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label Self-released
Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Nirah, Strings + Possessed Vocal Chords
Cecrops, Skins + Occult Lyric Medium


1.       Hannu ae Kondras
2.       Goat
3.       Viral Combustion
4.       Just a Machine


Sitting at my desk a portal opened in front of me and out of which spewed ‘The Forbidden Truth’ riding on the back of its load baring master The Reptile Sect aka REPTILIUM. What came crashing into my lugholes was their new EP ‘CONSPIRANOIC’ and all of a sudden the outlook seemed a lot bleaker – Thank (whatever) Dark God! Totalling 15 mins 34 secs, this is a long-awaited and most anticipated return of Reptilium, and is a fantastic four track phantasmagoria to those that like their metal truly dark n’ heavy, with visions that point out the servility of the human race and its future enslavement and even possible destruction, both of which are done through our own blind ignorance.

Hannu ae Kondras. Although the pace of this track is up and down in parts it is quite steady throughout. It’s not the strongest on the EP but there’s better to come.

Goat. Really, like this track, with its constant drone/grind elements, it has a fantastic OTT bass guitar by Nirah.

Viral Combustion. Why do I love this track so much? Perhaps it’s to do with the start and end? The beginning opening with haunting/ethereal speaking and the end tailing out with hysterical laughter. I don’t know but there is something a bit ‘Lord of the Rings’ in the sound of this song, perhaps it’s because it conjures up images of charging alien armies!

At 3.58 I think that this track is .58 secs too long. It’s such a shame because I really liked the rest of the track, minus a few of the slower parts which cast a shadow over Nirah’s brilliant 80s style thrash guitar elements, but this is definitely a return to good ol’ hard riff metal.

In all Nirah and Cecrops have created something that is most definitely heady and an awesome piece of work. Although brand new, there is something nostalgic in the production of this EP in that it harks back to the late 80s with certain thrash elements along with slamming metal and the grind element is not overproduced. Would I recommend this? Without a doubt.

Review by Terry G. Smith