Chilean electronic/rock band CRUEL is pleased to announce the release of their full-length album, “Mecanica Organica”

“Mecanica Organica” strikes a delicate balance between metal, industrial and electronic musical genres to combine an energetic and intense full-length album release. “Mecanica Organica” is available now via all digital retailers.

Album Tracklist:

1. Encendido (Intro)
2. Me Gustan Drogadictas [Explicit]
3. Strong as a Bull [Explicit]
4. Arsenico [Explicit]
5. Sr. Milagro [Explicit]
6. Astrid Istar Diana Lucifera [Explicit]
7. Dominatrix [Explicit]
8. Camino a la Perversion [Explicit]
9. Those Who Don’t Give Up [Explicit]
10. No Pares [Explicit]
11. Apagado (Outro) [Explicit]