Surface of the Sun – Panacea

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Independent self release
Released: 2019
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Band Line-up:

Devon Eggers
Guest musician: Chris Warunki (Omnisight) – Drums


1. The Science Says 5:03
2. Oblivion 5:22
3. The Silence 6:16
4. Panacea 8:52




Devon Eggers, a music and sound engineer from Canada, is bringing something new after 8 years since his debut Surface of the Sun album, ‘A Dying Star’. On 6th September 2019 he will be releasing progressive metal EP Panacea with 4 songs and 25:34 minute run time. If you are a fan of progressive metal such as Tool, Karnivool and Chevelle then you may enjoy this. The album and song titles are science and space themed. According to Devon each song has its own character but they complement each other and fit together.

Starting the album off, ‘The Science Says’ is not very heavy and is pretty much catchy riffs and clean vocals. The lyrics are pretty simple and the theme of the song is basically about how wrong and flawed we are as humans. Track 2, ‘Oblivion’, starts with grooving bass guitar riffs that carry on throughout the song. It has some decent heavy parts, but still I am not feeling it’s so metal, but more like heavy progressive rock. The vocals are never really ever aggressive. For a song like ‘Oblivion’ I was really hoping for something more dark and aggressive. In ‘The Silence’ I can definitely hear the Tool influence. The rhythmic structure, drums and bass put me in mind of Tool’s ‘Schism’. This song does have a darker tone in the instrumental and vocals, but still, for metal it’s not very heavy. The EP ends with ‘Panacea’. It is probably the longest and most prog metal song of the EP at over 8 minutes long. There’s more aggression in the lyrics, and I again hear the rhythmic and melodic influences of Tool in this song. The vocals on the entire album are clean.

Overall, it’s a well produced and polished set of songs. Being that he wrote, created, mixed and mastered this (aside from the drums) it’s not bad at all. He has a great understanding of how to cohesively put all the parts together and has great technical knowledge. It takes great knowledge and talent to be able to play multiple instruments, sing and master an album. I give much credit where it’s due on the production and execution of the music. I give it a 3 out of 5. For prog metal it was a bit too light and it is my opinion that metal should sound darker and heavier. It was more like 90s alternative rock with some prog metal mixed in. But that is just my personal opinion. For others who are big fans of progressive metal this might be quite the thing you will enjoy very much, so when it is released do check it out. You can also check out two singles, ‘Oblivion’ and ‘The Silence’, on YouTube while waiting for the release.

Reviewed by

Cathrine Wendt