BIRTHMARKS Release New Track ‘WAX’ // Debut Album ‘…And Then The Rain Stopped’ Released March 27th 2020

Birthmarks share their beguiling new track ‘WAX’, taken from their debut album  ‘…And Then The Rain Stopped’ set for release March 27th 2020. Stripped back and laid bare,‘WAX’ unveils Birthmarks at their most vulnerable; Evoking a sense of intense intimacy with its sparse instrumentation and delivery, with lyrics that land softly and almost spoken…

“Wax is about sex and expectations. It’s about the different understanding between two people, what their relationship is and of what they want out of it. It’s about the temporary solace an encounter can provide and how sex can lead to a point of retrospection mentally. It’s about wanting to be used but not forgotten. It’s about the clouding of vision. It was the last song written for the album and its bare instrumentation was intended to reflect the intimacy of its subject matter.”

Check out ‘WAX’ Here:

‘…And Then The Rain Stopped’ is co-produced by the band’s vocalist Daniel Cross andengineer/collaborator  Lorenzo De Feo.   The album was recorded at The Garage Studios, Hertfordshire and mastered by John Davies (Gorillaz, Joy Division, Savages)at Metropolis Studios. Dark, seductive, treacherous and clever,  ‘…And Then The Rain Stopped’ is a masterful collection of tales themed around time, sex and obsession with a hefty dose of loss, regret and abandon, perfectly soundtracked by Birthmarks’ unique genre-bending take on discord and electronica.

The writing for the album coincided with the breakdown of an 8-year relationship, with Cross re-writing the majority of his lyrics and continually editing right up until the day he recorded vocals for the record. The brazenly personal lyrical content of the album draws you in deeper, with the album linked by common themes rather than a song by song basis.

Birthmarks are a London based rock band born from the ashes of their earlier monikerLittle Death Machinefusing elements of electronica, trip-hop and rock with an introspective take on songwriting, experimentation and production.  The album is full of powerfully emotive songs that are delivered with raw, unapologetic honesty and paint a captivating landscape of the human condition.


Daniel Cross – Vocals/Guitar/Electronics

Jason Fletcher – Drums/Vocals/Synth

Jonno Lloyd – Synth/Guitar/Bass/Vocals


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