Advent Sorrow – Kali Yuga Crown

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Werewolf Records
Released: 2019
Buy Album: Here
Band Website: Here

Band Lineup:

R.K – Vocals
T.L – Piano & Keys
M.K – Guitars
H.A.S – Guitars
M.D – Drums
J.K – Bass

1. Verminblood 5:07
2. Wolfhook and Weapon 4:53
3. Spearhead 5:14
4. Kali Yuga Crown 4:44
5. PestilenceShall Come 5:53
6. Caesar 4:36
7. Wells of Poison Water 4:30
8. Majesty Enshrined 5:30
9. With Conviction 5:05
10. Death in Magic Antagonism 7:15

Advent Sorrow have returned with their second full length album in ‘Kali Yuga Crown’, four years on from their first full length in ‘As All Light Leaves Her’. There’s been some lineup changes since their last effort as out steps guitarist B.H and in steps M.K. as the Australian merchants of “Tortuous Black Metal” return triumphantly arising from the depths to bring us more happy go lucky tunage.

This change in the lineup appears to bring in a more refined setup to the guitars and a slightly altered course musically. The DSBM is not a primary feature which works much better for me since I can’t really agree with much if anything of DSBM. Advent Sorrow have instead gone for more driven force and might rather than any mad bird screams to cement their music’s effect on the listener. I tell you that there’s not much more unnecessary drivel in music as that.

The music still has a great emotional pull and comes from some deep dark pit of sorrow within the band. It’s just much more effective. The opening track throws you off the trail that their previous work had carved out from the start. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a 100% rerouting of their sound as the dark melodies are prevalent and the anguished cries make an appearance now and then. There’s just more to them. Take the track ‘Caesar’ as an example, the power that exudes from this track, in my mind, is more gripping than their whole last album.

This might have something to do with Rhys King alternating their vocals to much wider ranges but most likely with the band’s implementation of death/doom styles which make a commanding appearance at several points throughout the album. The aforementioned ‘Caesar’ and the following track ‘Wells Of Poison Water’ are fine examples of this. Not to worry if you are more inclined towards the blacker shade of metal as this is Advent Sorrow’s bread and butter after all, it’s just a case where the band have expanded their horizons to more far reaching territories.

‘Kali Yuga Crown’ could be the album that launches the band to further heights. In my opinion, it’s far more accessible and it will appeal to a more diverse audience who will be able to find something to enjoy on this album. Advent Sorrow have won me over and shown me that DSBM can be useful in the creation of good music which is no easy feat, and now I even have a good example of something I don’t loathe nor wish to negatively critique from this category. Kudos to you Advent Sorrow, I’ll be keeping an ear out for future music.