IATT – Nomenclature

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: Black Lion Records
Released: 2019
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Band Website: Here

Band Lineup:
Jay Briscoe –Vocals/Bass
Alec Pezzano –Guitar/Orchestral
Joe Cantamessa –Lead Guitar
Paul Cole –Drums
01 Cor Pulmonale 7:10
02 Realm of Dysthymia 6:03
03 Powder of Sympathy 5:21
04 Molyneuxs Problem 8:50
05 Hijama 1:16
06 Osteogenesis Imperfecta 6:06
07 Pseudobulbar Affect 1:13
08 Yersenia Pestis 5:58
09 Blade of Trepanation 8:21
10 Arsenic Ways 7:20
IATT are a rather prolific four piece from Philadelphia who have, since their conception in 2008, released five EPs and now two full length albums. They are a well oiled machine of 21st century extreme metal adding many elements from across the sub-genres to form their own unique sound. With this latest work, the band seem to have progressed into some vast realms where nothing is static nor stagnant; everything is flowing and unrelenting.

Having never heard of IATT, I was immediately surprised of the standard in musicianship that the band oozes all over this album. It is dark, heavy, aggressive, progressive and borderline avant-garde at times with some tracks having many orchestral features and even some brass sections like in the opening track ‘Cor Pulmanale’. It catches you off-guard at times especially when guitarists Joe Cantamessa and Alex Pazzano (who is also to thank for many of the orchestral arrangements) lets rip with their skilled prowess. Some of the leadwork is utterly sensational.

As mentioned, the music never stays in one place for long as tracks evolve, sometimes from a soft melodic base and others from more driven and extreme passages. The precision is such that the opposite components, even that of the two guitars threading in different lines of rhythm, flow succinctly and combine seamlessly when the pace is full throttle. ‘Realms Of Dysthymia’ starts in this manner and the over nine minute track ‘Molyneux’ s Problem’ goes through so many passages and shifting tempos with deft flair and attention to detail. Again, the leadwork is rather excellent on the latter track.

This album goes far beyond traditional black metal but you can tell that the band still holds this style in its core. The melodies, the blasts, the occasional shrieks all harkens back to this core but IATT have strayed far away from your lo-fi production and elemental forces. The end product is pristine as it would need to be to capture the variations of the instruments and do the work justice. There’s so much going on and the stylistic shifts such as the classic metal break in ‘Blade Of Trepanation’ just wouldn’t be as effective if not so.

‘Nomenclature’ therefore does itself justice and IATT have clearly worked very hard and gave plenty of attention to detail to this work. Progressive black metal isn’t new but there’s clearly still plenty of avenues to explore and IATT have taken an interesting route with this ten track beast. It’s not for the faint of heart but for those who like something that crosses many boundaries, give this album a blast, some thought and a good few more listens. I think you will appreciate it as I have.