InMe – Interview with Dave & Greg McPherson

Date: 13th September 2019
Interview by Kira Levine
Interview with Dave McPherson: vocals and guitar
Greg McPherson: bass and backing vocals

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Before their show in London, The Independent Voice got the chance to catch up with Dave and Greg from InMe. This is what they had to say…

Hello and thank you both for your time. It’s Friday the 13th! How are you feeling?

Dave: Well, I’m not superstitious! Until bad shit happens later…
Greg: Nothing will go wrong!

A few weeks ago you released Blood Orange Lake, the third and latest single from forthcoming album ‘Jumpstart Hope’. Can you explain the process behind selecting singles from your albums? Has this changed at all over the years?

Dave: I don’t think it was that complicated for us. The choosing process was democratic but it was pretty obvious that the first single – for whatever reason we chose ‘For Something To Happen’.
Greg: I think the label wanted that one…
Dave: Well, I did too! Then ‘The Next Song’ was an obvious thing, and then it was time to do a heavier one.
Greg: I think the idea is to do a more indie-type / soft one to reach people that aren’t necessarily already our fans. Then the heavier ones are more for reach our, you know…
Dave: Our fans want us to release as many heavy singles as possible. But for example, after ‘Blood Orange Lake’, which is a lot heavier than ‘The Next Song’ and ‘For Something To Happen’, we’re thinking about doing something even more crazy. So just, yeah… you can’t just come out with the crazy one! There’s no science behind it.
Greg: We might even get five [singles] – half the album!

What would you say is unique about ‘Jumpstart Hope’ when compared to your prior releases?

Dave: It’s the most collaborative, it’s like a proper band… it’s not just me and then the guys changing the songs and making their own parts. There’s melodies that didn’t come from me, for example.
Greg: It’s pretty brutal lyrically. We’re not hiding things in metaphors. It’s just upfront.

John O’Keefe is a new member in the band, having been announced as an additional guitarist this summer. Can you tell our readers the story behind him joining?

Dave: I basically tried to be a stuntman and I jumped off a breeze block…!
Greg: When I first joined the band in 2006, he was a fanboy. He was at gigs really early and would get all keen and eager and shy and like it’s okay, it’s all good. Over the years, we got to know most of our regular fans. He’s got this ridiculously large InMe tattoo on his back. Then slowly but surely, people stopped being fans and started just being friends that you happen to see on tour. He started doing merch for a few bands, so we thought let’s get him to do ours. We started having him… did we have him guest guitar before or after that?
Dave: No, I think it was literally just ‘cause of the hand…
Greg: Yeah okay. Dave smashed his hand in and that next night, John played the entire set. With no rehearsal.

The artwork for the new album and singles are by drummer Tom Dalton, and he’s also involved in the production of the latest videos. Where does the inspiration come from? Do you start with the visuals first or the music?

Dave: I don’t know if he wants us to say, but he’s a pilot. So I think he gets a lot of inspiration from his day-to-day job….
Greg: He gets to go to fantastic landscapes…
Dave: From being in the air and being around different cultures, and seeing different things and he’s just a well-travelled dude.
Greg: And when it comes to imagery, again it’s collaborative. We all sort of spawn ideas. Some of us are better at Photoshop than others and can make, like, a dodgy 5-minute mock-up.
Dave: I’d like to arrogantly take responsibility for suggesting we use Tom’s artwork. And it went from there, and him and Greg work together quite well. They’re a bit more technologically-minded.
Greg: Yeah, well I recorded all the guitars on the [new] album. Then first InMe album I produced half of, so…
Dave: So yeah, we’re a resourceful band, it seems. Whereas before we relied too much on other things. It’s quite cool that we have not just the music but the visuals. Like, everything’s quite in-house. In a really good way, ‘cause there’s Greg, and Tom, and Gaz as well, who’s good with certain things. And John…
Greg: Well the lifting side, dunno if you noticed, he’s a little big!
Dave: Artwork’s more me, you, and Tom.
Greg: Yeah.
Dave: I’m more ideas because I’m useless at the…
Greg: So the technical side is me, and mostly Tom.
Dave: But yeah, it’s quite cool that way. Especially ‘cause it’s cool photos that Tom’s actually taken…
Greg: He’s got a pilot Instagram page with like 100,000 followers or something, and it’s just stunning airline photography. He definitely knows what he’s doing!

Do any of you have projects or hobbies outside of InMe that you would like to speak about?

Greg: I am currently working on a metal solo album. I’m not sure how I will package or release it yet. It’s pretty much finished.
Dave: Tom snowboards as well as the piloting. John’s obviously big time gym, gym, gym, chicken, chicken, gym, gym, gym! Gaz, he has all kinds of things and hobbies. I don’t know how he crams it all in. Mine’s just day dreaming or sleeping. Being horizontal!

What was the experience like, touring with Wheatus and A last year?

Dave: It was cool, yeah, it was really fun! It was a nice vibe and every crowd was great. A were amazing. Wheatus were interesting. Nice to tour with an American band, if you know what I mean. Slight cultural difference. A were just quirky as hell!
Greg: And really funny!
Dave: Was that our first tour with T…? Nah.
Greg: Yeah, was also our first full tour… we did two days with Gun…
Dave: So yeah, that was our first full tour with Tom. So that was really nice having that band dynamic. It was like a new page, a new band. It worked. He’s a mellow, gentle person.

You followed that up with a string of sold-out UK headliners in January. How does it feel to be back touring already?

Dave: Well it doesn’t feel like it’s been that quick, to be honest!
Greg: It feels like a long time…
Dave: If it was up to me, I’d do 60-day tours.
Greg: And we didn’t hit the festival circuit this year. We’re glad to be back.
Dave: We’d love to be a full-time band. So to us, it doesn’t feel like it’s been that soon. We’ve just been drooling at the mouth to get on the road. It’s where we do the band best. You can’t do the band very well sat in Essex!

Your tour mates this time around are LeBrock and Oxygen Thief. How would you describe them, musically, to those that have not heard their work?

Dave: Well, Oxygen Thief, would probably dislike this! But I think its’s a compliment… it sounds like … Reuben, but with my mate Barry singing.
Greg: Extremely political lyrics. Very upfront.
Dave: Cool, edgy riffs that do things that you wouldn’t expect. Fun riffs. Then LeBrock are like Outrun and Space Carrier – all these video games from the 80s. A bit of Bladerunner meets…
Greg: Their whole visual design, the look of everything just fits very well. They design all of their own artwork as well. The two of them. It just looks amazing.
Dave: I think the 80s has come back with a vengeance and they’re doing it well.
Greg: They’ve gone down a storm every night.
Dave: And they’re very nice people. All the bands are. They’re all reserved and very peaceful. Yeah, we chose wisely!

Is there anything else that you want to share with your fans?

Dave: We love you!
Greg: The new album, as soon as possible! It’ll be out in January. We have dates, but we can’t announce them yet…
Dave: Thank you for waiting nearly 5 years, you won’t regret it!

Thanks again for taking the time to chat, looking forward to the show tonight!