Numb – Mortal Geometry

Rating: 2/5
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Released: 2019
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Band line-up:

Don Gordon – All Instruments, Vocals & Programming


1. Redact
2. Hush
3. Complicit Silence
4. The Waiting Room
5. How It Ends
6. Summer Lawns
7. When Gravity Fails
8. Shadow Play
9. Mortal Geometry
10. Hush (creation to negation)


Numb is an Electro-Industrial band from Canada, and their heyday stretched from the late 80s to the year 2000, and now they return with their first new release in nearly 20 years.

‘Mortal Geometry’ is an example of an album that really didn’t need to be made, to be wholly honest. Whenever bands return from a hiatus they can take two routes: either make new material and do the same as in their heyday or simply return to touring, giving the fans the best they’ve got until time runs out.

Here we have a band who did not need to make a new album in their comeback, as Mortal Geometry starts with some electronic arrangements that did remind me of classics like Front 242 and Die Krupps, but quite these fantastic elements are quickly lost in a confusing mix of instrumentation and vocals which did not bode well for my attention span.

At most, the songs are predominantly instrumental but would have some replay value for the keenest EBM or Electro-Industrial fanatics, but for a kid who is more suited to Goth Rock and Black Metal, I can’t say this serves as anything more than a possible album for a DJ in an alternative club to add to his arsenal.

To begin with, I was hoping this would sound a little like Hocico or even Skinny Puppy, but by the time I got to the latter half, the instrumentals had already made me bored with this release. Check it out though, if you love all types of Electro music or are keen to hear what Numb sound like after 20 years away.

Review by Demitri Levantis