Grimorium Verum – Revenant

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Symbol of Domination
Released: 2018
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Band Line-up:

Roma Diamond – Vocals
Zavalny A. – Guitar, Bass, Keyboards
Uryavin A. – Keyboards (live)


1. The Born Son of the Devil
2. The Lingdom of the Pain
3. The March of the Northern Kings
4. Blind Faith in Nothing
5. The Light of Dark Father
6. Revenant
7. The Circus of the Dark Illusion
8. Sacred Temple of Blood
9. The Great Serpentine Saint
10. The Resurrected on the Devil’s Hands


Russian symphonic black metal group Grimorium Verum take their name from a book of demonology and black magic. The band is directly influenced by Norway’s Symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir and Scandinavian black metal. This is Grimorium Verum’s 4th full album release, being distributed by the Russian label Symbol of Domination. I am a long time fan of Dimmu Borgir’s older material and enjoy a bit of symphonic and atmospheric black metal. Does this band bring something original and fresh or are they following too closely behind the bands they are inspired by? Today it can be quite hard to set oneself apart.

I will start off by saying the song titles are all pretty much what I could expect, and the theme, given their inspirations. Much like Dimmu Borgir and other Scandinavian acts they go with the classic anti-christian and satanic themes. Let’s dig into the music now. A very symphonic opening with ‘The Born Son of the Devil’ that builds up adding new elements and layers. I certainly hear the Dimmu influence in this song between the symphonic style, riffing and vocals. The singer growls in English so there is no worry about translating lyrics. The singer Roma definitely captures the same style as Shagrath however there’s nothing that really stands out in his performance. There’s a break with chorus singing and the synths in this song really give it a great flow. There are some melodic clean guitar riffs towards the end that were very enjoyable.

‘The Kingdom of Pain’ starts quite hard and in the middle there’s a nice symphonic break that leads to a slower tempo section, and the singer shows more range in vocal skills. Things speed up again and there are clean female vocals along with more melodic guitar riffing. This song gave me a little bit of a Cradle of Filth vibe. The vocals reminded me of Dani but without the high pitched screams. In ‘The March of the Northern Kings’ I hear again strong Dimmu and Dark Funeral styles. The keyboard parts remind me very much of ex-keyboard player of Dimmu Borgir, Mustis. In the album’s title song, ‘Revenant’, I get a very slow, dark symphonic opening. This short piece is entirely instrumental. It sounds brooding and foreboding. It morphs into something unexpected with a more electronic sounding melody.

So overall the album is well produced and well made. All elements are heard clearly. It can be very atmospheric, big and bombastic and at times very aggressive and raw. It is highly polished black metal so if you are looking for something more like classic black metal this might not whet your palette. I enjoy the satanic theme as it is more like classic black metal. Though the guys play tight, the vocals are decent. There’s not a huge range in them but they fit and are not buried by the instruments. It was an enjoyable album and if you like symphonic and atmospheric black metal you should give them a listen. I give this a 3.5 out of 5.

Review by

Cathrine Wendt