Brazilian Death Metal troops Depressed present album teaser

Brazilian Death Metal troops Depressed present album teaser for their upcoming album Beyond The Putrid Fiction

Brazilian Death Metallers Depressed Death Metal returns with their new album Depressed – Beyond The Putrid Fiction coming out November 22 CD/Digital via Black Lion Records
First track will be out October 22

Hailing from Brazilian shores, Depressed was formed in 1998, and got a good underground recognition around Brazil with a single demo tape, but came to a hiatus around 2000. In 2012, Giovanni Venttura put the band together and started to work on their first album, Afterlife in Darkness, which came out via Black Lion Records in 2015.
Beyond The Putrid Fiction presents us a work of precision that can bring anyone into the most dark and gloomy Death Metal realms. During the 11 tracks, all the crucial elements are there, fast blasts, thrashing precision riffs, guitar-hero leads and even doomer passages, which guarantee to anyone a complete Death Metal masterpiece wrapped up with a amazing cover by the American artist Mark Cooper. Beyond The Putrid Fiction brings 11 tracks of pure Death Metal to
mangle your mind

Mixed and mastered by Marcos Cerutti Productions

Video by YOD Multimedia – Metal Video Maker
Artwork by Mark Cooper

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