Blackened doom heavyweights NAGA premiere second single from upcoming album!

‘Void Cult Rising’ will be coming out November 15th on Spikerot Records

Italian Blackened Doom monster NAGA is ready to make their comeback in November with a new obscure effort called ‘Void Cult Rising’ following up the fortunate ‘Hen’ and ‘Inanimate’. Deeply grounded in the sulphurean atmosphere of their land, their aim is to deliver the biggest amount of distortion, heaviness and nihilism to your ears.
Listen to NAGA‘s dark brooding masterpiece ‘Thanatou’ streaming now at THIS LOCATION

Singer and guitarist Lorenzo De Stefano about their latest output:

“Thanatou is part of the climax of ‘Void Cult Rising’ and represents together with ‘Melete’ one of its most intense passages. In general the album is a meditation on death (melete thanatou for the ancient Greeks) given by a series of events in our lives that have left a mark in this regard and therefore inspired most of my lyrics. ‘Thanatou’ wants to depict a soliloquy of a dying man forced to be silent, he can hear his beloved ones around him but can’t express what he feels because of a sensory dulling, and he let himself go in a consideration on the human finitude, on his own life, in the inability to rely on any transcendence whatsoever. Toward the end there’s a quote from an Eugenio Montale’s verse that I’ve always loved “Yet it remains that something has happened, perhaps nothing that is everything” which summarize in just a few words what I think remains of our lives from an atheistic point of view: the memory, nothing compared to eternity and yet for us all that matters.”

Void Cult Rising‘ will be coming out November 15th via Spikerot Records and is now available for pre-order RIGHT HERE

NAGA is:

Lorenzo – (Vocals and guitar)
Emanuele – (Bass)
Dario – (Drums)

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