MAMMOTH MAMMOTH Releases New Single From Upcoming Album, ‘Kreuzung’!

Australian, high-voltage rock juggernaut MAMMOTH MAMMOTH strikes back with their fifth studio album, ‘Kreuzung’, that came out last Friday, November 8th, on Napalm Records!

Only a few days ahead of release, the band shared with us a brand new single for the heavy as hell track “Lead Boots”, which you can listen to HERE:

Says charismatic vocalist Mikey Tucker:

“I really wanted to try something new vocally and experiment a little with this track, the chorus style is a completely new style for me. Richard also ran the vocals through a vintage Hammond rotary amp, so it was a lot of fun and helped achieve the sound I was hoping for”.

‘Kreuzung’ (German for “crossroads”) is the first album with a new line-up consisting of original members, Mikey Tucker (vocalist) and Frank Trobbiani (drums) and introducing new members, Marco Gennaro (guitarist) and Kris Sinister (bass). The band seized the opportunity to refine their hard-rock formula since the release of ‘Mount The Mountain’ two years ago. In January 2017, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH found themselves at a crossroads. Already committed to two European tours, including their first visit to Spain and Portugal, plus a large number of shows on the summer festival circuit, original guitarist Ben Couzens and bassist Pete Bell were unable to perform those ongoing commitments. In order for MAMMOTH MAMMOTH to honour those shows, Tucker and Trobbiani needed to find replacement musicians to continue to bring the high-energy, beer-soaked, dirty-rock shows to their loyal fan base. Inspired by all new surroundings, the line-up change and a studio location in the heart of Berlin, Germany, ‘Kreuzung’ signifies where the band had found themselves in 2017: the gritty Rock ‘n’ Roll manifesto of MAMMOTH MAMMOTH has truly evolved and they know exactly where they‘re heading next!

‘Kreuzung’ Tracklisting:

1. I’m Ready
2. Wanted Man
3. Motherf@cker
4. Screamin’
5. Kreuzung
6. Tear it Down
7. Tonight
8. Mad World
9. Let Go
10. Lead Boots
11. God’s Gonna Hate Me


Known for their intense high-energy and beer-soaked Rock ‘n’ Roll live shows, MAMMOTH MAMMOTH will be hitting the road again this Fall, with a heavy touring schedule to follow:

14.11.2019 DE Köln – MTC
15.11.2019 DE Frankfurt – Das Bett
17.11.2019 DE Weinheim- Café Central
18.11.2019 DE Nürnberg – Hirsch
19.11.2019 DE Bochum – Rockpalast
20.11.2019 DE Hamburg – HeadCrash
21.11.2019 DE Berlin – Musik & Frieden
22.11.2019 DE Erfurt – Museumskeller
23.11.2019 DE Leipzig – Bandhaus
26.11.2019 DE München – Backstage Club
27.11.2019 DE Stuttgart – Goldmarks


Mikey Tucker – Vocals
Frank Trobbiani – Drums
Marco Gennaro – Guitar
Kris Sinister – Bass

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