Jinjer + The Agonist + Khroma @ Heaven, London

29th of November 2019
Review by Johnny Wolf
Photography by Rebecca Bush

It has been a very hard choice because of many gigs clashing on this night. Eventually I had to make a choice and considering I haven’t had the chance to see them before I chose to attend Jinjer’s gig at Heaven. Knowing Heaven well it’s a bit of an unusual venue for extreme music performances but it has happened before: Satyricon played there and they were great, and few others as well, truth to be told I think it’s a great venue regardless.

I wasn’t even aware there were 4 bands playing tonight so we missed the first band unfortunately, even though I did arrive early but I was doing the interviews so didn’t get the chance to catch the opener.

Khroma from Finland was my first band, a metal/electro outfit. I haven’t had the chance to hear about them before but I gave them a chance and focused on the music and I found them interesting.

Personally I’m a black metal-head which means mentioning Finland automatically translates into black metal in my mind but never mind, these guys were a bit different. They had very loud bass, their guitarist was doing some weird moves with his guitar like punching it hard, playing with the volume control, I wasn’t sure what’s the purpose of it really. They used a lot of strobe lights, their drummer seemed so into it and they ended up asking for a mosh-pit which didn’t exactly work as they wished; worth mentioning it was their first time in England so here’s to a second and a better time maybe.

The Agonist came next, starting with an atmospheric intro of “In Vertigo”. The crowd were really getting excited and the venue was absolutely packed, then they kick in and a mosh pit opens up quick.

A massive amount of shredding and sliding by the guitarist Pascal Jobin. The crowd lost it completely from beginning to end. You might think they were the headliners! They played some of their old stuff and many of the new considering they had a new album Orphans just came out recently.

I must say it’s fascinating how can Vicky switch between clean vocals and screaming professionally and so quickly, she is a really talented vocalist.

There was a drum solo, then a guitar and drum solo to kick off the next track “Dead Ocean”, which sounded very progressive and layered. It sounded a bit different from the others, in a good way I personally enjoyed and I believe everyone else did as well.

There was a noticeable cool break down and the crowd went insane. Vicky had a box brought on stage before the set and switched places with the guitarists here and there to get on that box. Eventually she sits down for a sec to say goodnight but the crowd shouts out loud for more and of course the band will give them more.

Her performance is amazing, I really admire her singing and of course all the talent the rest of the band possesses, a wonderful performance left us all drained out and wondering if we have any energy left for the headliner.

She’s tells everyone to meet at the merch for beers and to sign stuff, I have huge respect for humble bands that come out after their sets to meet their fans.

I also had the chance to interview Vicky before the set, check out the interview here.

Setlist: In Vertigo / Panophobia / Gates of Horn and Ivory / The Gift of Silence / Drum Solo / Dead Ocean / Orphans / Burn It All Down / As One We Survive

I’ve been wanting to see Jinjer live for a while now, every time they played a gig it was either sold-out and I somehow miss buying a ticket (why don’t promoters put them on larger venues, I don’t get it) or I had to be outside the UK. This was my chance to finally catch that good band so I was excited about it.

Coming back to the fact that it was a sold-out gig, usually when a band sells out one gig the next time the promoters will take a risk on a bigger venue, which I think they did this time but I thought they should’ve taken a bigger risk with an even larger venue.

The main drum kit gets exposed and three stalls get added to the front of the stage. Right on time the lights go out and the crowd starts shouting in one voice “Jijner” out loud. A screen at the back of the stage turns on with a three minute countdown, pretty exciting intro so far, I’m worried when it hits 0 what’s going to happen.

The crowd starts counting down the last 10 seconds and then the band members comes on stage one by one. I thought there would be some sort of an explosion or something to bring the band up on stage, but nonetheless it was a cool intro.

Eugene’s bass line is impressive but honestly I don’t know which is better, his bass, Marco’s riffs, Vlad’s drumming (do I hear blast-beats? Can’t make my mind up this far) or Tatiana’s vocals. This is indeed a very talented band.

Surprise! Crowd surfers, that was unexpected… at least on the second song!

Even though I was standing right in the corner I got pushed by the massive battle-field which the venue has become. I’ve never seen old and bearded men in checked shirts and jumpers mosh this hard in my life.

Okay, definitely blast beats. The bass is insanely loud, the floor underneath me is literally rumbling. Thank you Eugene, I think this will make me pick up my bass the minute I get back home.

It’s an amazing sold-out and packed gig. Tatiana takes a minute to thank everyone and the previous bands, promises to return next year and leaves… the crowd doesn’t though, in one voice chanting “one more song”… yup the band were obligated to come back to play the finale tune, a slow tune, and everyone is singing the lyrics but I anticipate havoc is about to be bestowed on the venue… and right I was at the breakdown.

I guess the band felt like they didn’t sing that last song, rather the crowd did, so we were awarded with a fast one to put us to bed, and although it’s Friday night I doubt anyone is partying after this.

What an amazing band, so much fun and a brilliant show, can’t wait to see them again next time!

I also had the chance to interview Eugene before the set, check out the interview here.

Setlist: Intro(lainnereP) / Teacher, Teacher / Sit Stay Roll Over / Ape / Judgement (& Punishment) / I Speak Astronomy / Dreadful Moments / Who’s Gonna Be the One / Retrospection / Perennial / On the Top / Pit of Consciousness / Just Another / Words of Wisdom / Encore: Pisces / Captain Clock