Evildog – From The Basement

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: 2018
Buy Album: Here
Band Website: Here

Band Lineup:
Victoria Villa – Vocals
Javi Tocino – Guitars
Sandra Martínez – Guitars
Carlos Ospina – Bass
Alberto Martos – Drums
1. Nothing to Break
2. Please
3. Always Monday
4. To My Lover

Evildog formed in 2018 in Málaga, Spain as a five piece and have brought out their introductory EP ‘From The Basement’ which provides four tracks of quite nostalgic sounding alt-rock music. Take us back two decades ago or so and Evildog could fit into some of the rising alt-rock bands of the mid-to-late 90s. It’s a time where I was growing up so it brought back thoughts and images from a very long time ago.

Straight away it needs to be said that there’s nothing too unique about the band but the music is quite alright. I mean, there’s nothing that hasn’t been done before throughout the album and some things probably should have been revisited slightly. The EP opens with the slow building ‘Nothing To Break’ which has a rather bubbly course of rhythm which is sung over quite delicately by vocalist Victoria Villa who is very much a focal point of the band. You can feel that drummer Alberto Martos is biding their time waiting for things to connect a little more as that snare had been well drilled throughout the earlier parts of the track. It stands out a bit too much but once the tone shifts into a bit more overdrive, it blends in better.

The next track ‘Please’ is much more uptempo from the beginning and has a bit more fluidity to it whereas the following track ‘Always Monday’ is the catchiest track of the bunch and is probably the most diverse of the EP too. It has a strong chorus and some nice musical flourishes as the track builds and breaks into the chorus. Bassist Carlos Ospina puts in a nice bassline as the song reaches near crescendo and the track closes very well. I can see why they chose to release a video to this song as it’s the strongest on the EP.

The last track ‘To My Lover’ kind of gets lost a bit as it has a great opening acoustic guitar section, however, things go a bit haywire especially with the use of the Korg synth which they use to act like a cello but it just sounds very off and spoils the song. The drum work on the hi-hats also goes a bit off tempo at certain points so it’s a bit of a mess which could have been easily avoided. It’s as if the band are trying to put out a track that would fit into Nirvana’s Unplugged album but with a lot less ability to pull it off. That or they just put in some bad ideas which never worked.

This sums up Evildog for me, they missed their chance and are just trying to fit into something that doesn’t really have a time or place currently. They are fairly standard musicians and there may just be a lack of imagination that will not get them anywhere anytime soon. They may have rushed things a little bit here but there are glimmers of hope for them so you never know.