Unbounded Terror – Faith in Chaos

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Xtreem Music Group
Released: 2 January 2020
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Band line-up

Vicente J. Payá – Guitars
Andrew – Vocals/Bass
Portas – Drums
Juan – Guitars


1. Faith in Chaos – Intro
2. Hiding From the Light
3. Silent Soul
4. Insidious
5. Destroyed From Within
6. They Will Come From the Pain
7. Hated in Hell
8. The Destroyers of Hope
9. Engulfed By the Gods
10. Through the Flesh We Will Reach Hell


One of the very first death bands from Spain, Unbounded Terror have reunited to treat the death metal scene to some new goods at the start of a new year. Having previously released an album before, the band continue to network their extreme productions from the Iberian Peninsula to the rest of the metal community.

The album starts off with adrenaline and a steady pulse before later presenting fast tempos, aggressive distortion and precise palm muting. The vocals were in sync with the breakdown with delivery on another scale; the track “Silent Soul” introduces itself with increased tremolo picking and chord progressions that will instantly make you increase the volume. As the album continues, the production then transitions into a more old school death metal sound structure along with technical and atypical sound structures. The vocals remain grim throughout the entire release and the percussion stays powerful.

As we progress further on to “Destroyed From Within”, the fast tempos and complex guitar riffs continue being offered until, further on, the band employ more highly melodic guitar riffs while Vicente adopts a more haunting vocal style. It is safe to say that the most interesting track of this production is by far “They Will Come From the Pain”, with its mystical opening trying to tell us a story, we’re presented with groove and phenomenal tremolo picking from the guitarists. What’s interesting about the track “Hated in Hell” is how the band has transitioned from low-tuned riffs to higher pitched trebly guitar tones that one would usually associate Norwegian black metal with. This was a great track for Jaume Porta to showcase his gift in producing grim, ultra-fast drumming. Throughout this album we see multiple unexpected transitions with classic elements of each subgenre being displayed into the album.

To conclude, this album is the definition of Unbounded Terror, with atypical structures and ultra-talented musicians bring back old school death metal with pinches of multiple other genres and subgenres. This new release is starting high for 2020.

Review by

Ambra Chilenwa