Meth Fetish – Meth Fetish

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Dry Cough Records
Released: 2019
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Damien Sharrock – Vocals and guitar
Karl Jonas Wijk – Drums and bass



1. Blinded To The Suffering 4:10
2. Wasted 4:40
3. 200 Ton Self Destruction 5:29
4. Incurable 4:59
5. Repeated 4:00




“If Breaking Bad were a band” was the description found on their Facebook. Meth Fetish with their self titled EP bring underground doomy sludge metal with a side of psychotic drug-infused rage. Recorded in 2008 by American and Swedish duo Damien Sharrock and Karl Jonas Wijk and released on cassette by Dry Cough Records in 2019. This EP sounds like a demo recorded at home in the basement. It’s rough around the edges but its chugging riffs, sludgy slow beats and raspy vocals can be heard clearly so that’s not to say it’s a bad quality recording. They include, at the start and end of each song, the whining feedback of the amps.

Each track is around 4-5 minutes long, though the slow sludge pace can make them feel longer. The music is not too complex and it chugs along like a group of stoner friends having a jam session. The guitar riffs can be repetitive and that’s why the songs can, with their already slow tempo, drag on longer. Though that’s pretty much the style of sludge metal so I can not really complain. I honestly do not listen much to this genre but I can appreciate it. It’s only I have nothing to really compare it to and I would not know where their inspiration comes from, so carrying on I feel this EP is interesting and I do truly appreciate underground obscure acts because they tend to represent the beginnings of many great musicians’ careers. Getting some friends, or joining a newly formed band, home recording equipment and just creating for the passion of it.

I can give this band and their EP this much: they have some pretty great ideas and a provocative band title. I almost thought it might be some kind of grindcore band. The vocal style is more of a raspier screaming style. The songs I found most interesting were Blinded to the Suffering, 200 Ton Self Destruction and Incurable. They offer some differing pacing and movements and spoken moments. There is not much melodic riffing to be found and the drums are also on the more minimalist side. I will say it is definitely worth a listen. Its raw, underground, lo-fi sound may not be to everyone’s taste, do not expect something very polished here. These guys were happy enough with their music to get it distributed and heard. I rate it 3.5 out of 5 because they created a solid EP that is entertaining enough to listen through. If you are a fan of this genre and style you may be able to appreciate it much more and understand it better. There’s much potential here and hopefully they continue with a full album.