Oni – Alone

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Metal Blade Records / Blacklight Media Records
Released: 13 December 2019
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Band Websitehttps://www.facebook.com/TheOniBand

Oni - Alone
Oni – Alone
Band Line-up:

Jake Oni – Vocals
Brandon White – Guitar
Chase Bryant – Bass
Martin Andres- Guitar
John DeAngelis – Xylosynth
Joe Greulich – Drums

  1. Alone 05:47
  2. Rift 04:28
  3. Dead inside 04:08
  4. Breathe Again 04:15
  5. Faceless Portrait 06:01

So, I have found myself reviewing a prog-metal band after years of listening to mostly new wave and punk hardcore/scremo stuff and I have to admit it, I am counting my blessings. This 5 track-album is a gem, and it speaks to each and every lonely and angry part of you. The title itself – ‘Alone’ – just leaves you with a nihilistic sense of solitude, although the 5 tracks of ‘Alone’ have been keeping me company at this special time of the year, between Christmas and New Year, when you can definitely end up feeling lonely and in need of a music boost. The cloudy cover of ‘Alone’, like a storm coming your way, is emblematic of the efforts which these Canadian metalheads have put in after some good self-reflection time.

The first track takes its name after the album (or vice-versa) and the melodic opening is just an appetiser to the technical virtuosity of the rest of the work. ‘Alone’ definitely sets the tone of the album, while track number 2, ‘Rift’, gives the proper metal-core touch. Followed by ‘Dead Inside’ – my favourite track, probably because it reminds me of my adolescence spent listening to Slipknot – and then we all breathe again with ‘Breathe Again’, the first single and flagship of the album, whose synths and guitars enhance Jake Oni’s vocals and make you want to sing along. The last track, ‘Faceless Portrait’, is powerful, with raw vocals and complex rendering, and it closes this 25 minute journey into a band which has a lot more to give to their fan base and is ready to take the world.

Produced by Josh Wilbur (System of a Down, Trivium, Gojira, Lamb of God), ‘Alone’ will resonate to the fans of The Dillinger Escape and Between the Buried and Me, while still remaining unique and fresh.

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