Aethyrick – Gnosis

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 2020
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1. Will Embodied
2. Oneiric Portals
3. Stellar Flesh
4. Your Mysteries
5. Blood Acre
6. Anointed Bones
7. Golden Suffering




Aethyrick are a Finnish black metal band on The Sinister Flame record label. They will be releasing their sophomore effort ‘Gnosis’ on CD and vinyl LP formats on 24th January, 2020 and it brims with mysticism and magic. Band member Exile comments ‘Magic isn’t simply something you do, it is what you must gradually become.’ One could almost say Gnosis is a warmer and more comforting release when compared with their debut album ‘Praxis’, but it is still 100% pure black metal. 

Don’t be scared when the phrase ‘100% black metal’ is used. If you’re worried Aethryick are nothing more than a Burzum/Darkthrone, etc. clone, you have every right to be. There are thousands of such groups out there. Sure, the album in question is highly cliched, especially as Burzum are very openly inspired by a sense of magic and wonder, but it is extreme music done very well. The chord progressions are colourful and are often played with a mix of classic distorted guitars and very lightly overdriven guitars. As almost clean guitars are used, that means more adventurous harmony can be used without sounding muddy and ugly (in a bad way). 

Ethereal keys are even used at times, contributing to a sense of dark euphoria. Think a terminally ill man winning the lottery. Don’t get too excited though, the rhythms used are far less adventurous. You guessed it; tremolo picked guitars and blast beats are all over the place. You also won’t be surprised to learn the singer sings no melodies, he just screams his head off. I guess it’s impressive such aggressive music can sound even the slightest bit magical, but such otherworldly traits could have been taken further. Maybe a solo keyboard piece, Burzum style? Just a thought. 

If I’m confusing you when I say the band sound magical, I don’t mean they sound traditionally dreamy and surreal, in a Disney type way for example. Of course they don’t, an Aethyrick musician said you must gradually become magic, didn’t he? He’s a lunatic. And deep down, that’s what you want. This album is recommended listening for all black metal fans, but not really for casual fans who already own a dozen or so similar albums. 

Review by Simon Wiedemann