Bad Wolves and Thousand Thoughts @ O2 Academy Islington, January 29th

January 29th
Photos and Review by Rebecca Bush

As I approach the O2 Islington tonight I am greeted by fans in their droves lined up outside – a sight I’ve not seen there for a while. It’s especially unusual given it’s a ‘school night’, but the atmosphere is already pretty electric. Fans of all ages are here ready for the show.

First on the bill tonight are alt rockers Thousand Thoughts.

Having seen these guys at Marshall’s live event last year, Marshall Rocks, I was excited for their set and they did not disappoint!!

There is so much emotion and passion in what they do and glancing into the crowd it translates really well. Everyone is moving and hands are in the air, these guys have them in the palm of their hand which is amazing for a support act on a Wednesday evening! You could easily mistake this for a Friday night, it’s a really buzzing atmosphere.

All five members of the band are full of energy and they play a really tight set. There is a really authentic feel about them too; it’s a real rock show, pure and simple.

It’s always good when bands are truly appreciative of where they are and this is true of Thousand Thoughts. Singer Ethan Smith thanks the audience for being at the venue early enough to catch their set and it is a real sincere thanks.

Playing their first ever release, ‘This One’s For You’, it’s a really emotionally charged song and it goes right to the heart. It’s a credit to their authenticity and a real highlight of their set – proof that right from the offset this band have been going places! I can’t wait to see more from them!

Now for tonight’s headliners, and the room is well and truly ready for this – I am stood in a sea of Bad Wolves t-shirts and you can feel the energy, it’s really infectious!

They take no prisoners as they burst into action to screams and applause, singer Tommy Vext bringing ALL the power! It’s a big, powerful sound that ripples through the crowd and takes the whole venue over, and it doesn’t let go!

I am in awe of the performance: having only formed in 2017, this band have achieved so much and built a huge fan base, and this show comes just two days before their support slot at Wembley with Megadeth and Five Finger Death Punch!

The music is hard-hitting and huge and every aspect of it is performed expertly, Chris Cain adopting many a power stance and throwing himself literally into his playing is quite the sight.

He moves about the stage with bassist Kyle Konkiel and they interact often, keeping it interesting and exciting to watch.

Tommy Vext is constantly getting the crowd hyped and they obey his every command, jumping and whooping and clapping along.

He takes to the barrier and there’s a frenzy of arms reaching toward him as he moves along and gets close to as many fans as he can – this is the kind of interaction we all hope for at a gig!

One of the most poignant moments of the evening is of course their cover of the Cranberries classic, ‘Zombie’. Tommy takes a moment to pay tribute to Dolores O’Riordan and explain the circumstances surrounding the songs release – it’s heart wrenching and beautiful.

Everyone holds aloft their lights and the room is completely united as the song takes everyone over – the power of music wonderfully illustrated in this moment.

These guys really and truly bring so much passion and their performance reflects a true talent that can only take them far. I see big big things for this band and I’m glad to have been a part of the experience tonight!