Twin Temple + The Violent Hearts @ Jazz Cafe, London, January 30th

January 30th
Photos and review Rebecca Bush

First up tonight, warming up the bones of those waiting for headliners Twin Temple, are punk inspired, nu wave goth-esque four piece, ‘Violent Hearts’, who kick into action with a very punchy intro for their opening track, ‘All of Them Witches.’

The dark and well-dressed foursome slam through a number of punk and new wave inspired tracks, including ‘Everything and Nothing’, ‘Porcelain World’, ‘S.S.E.’ and ‘Anxiety’.

The band keep it rather professional and straightforward in their assault, keeping crowd interaction down to a minimum as they cram in the songs while they can, building up the expectation to see tonight’s satanic headliners.

‘Deeply Unaffected’ packs a wallop, and ‘Hex on Me’ seems to be favourite for followers of the ensemble. The band say a quick thank you and announce their last song of the night, ‘Terminal’.

The lads leave the stage having done their job, and seem gracious and full of gratitude for the opportunity to open tonight’s event. Violent Hearts have a good selection of songs to choose from, and, as they refine their musical stylings, will only get better and better.

A sway of silence floods across the crowd of the Jazz Café, mixing in with the grasping, ethereal fog that has begun to encroach upon the excited onlookers of this most unholy of evenings.

Four darkened figures take to the stage, taking up position on drums, keys, saxophone and bass; an unholy alliance ready to sound the horns of hell, to bring forth their diabolical leaders.

The haunting carnival melodies of ‘In Lvx’ begin to sound out, followed by a walloping of drums, bass and saxophone, as if heading the procession of a funeral march, setting the tone for the tonight’s ritual.

Front-woman and vocalist Alexandra James takes to the stage alongside guitarist and partner Zachary James, engulfed in a flood of red and green illumination.

A small introductory ritual is performed with swords and a chalice, before the band kick into action with ‘The Devil (Didn’t Make Me Do It)’, ‘I Know How To Hex You’ and ‘Let’s Hang Together’.

After wowing the attentive congregation before her with the sultry ode to Satan, ‘Lucifer, My Love’, the mournful cry of the organ once more causes the Jazz Café, London to pause.

Alexandra James performs a powerful monologue on Babylon, imbuing the audience with her power, in an unholy initiation.

As with all Twin Temple shows, a member of the audience is personally anointed, this time the lucky follower being none other than former ‘Cathedral’ front-man and ‘Rise Above Records’ Label boss: Lee Dorrian.

After being anointed upon the forehead with a bloody sign of the inverted cross, Lee is blessed with the sword of power, and is personally filled with the powers of Babylon.

‘Hail Lee Dorrian! You Lee, and all of us here tonight, are now filled with the powers of Babylon! May we all rise from this ritual filled with perfect love and perfect trust and the power and the courage to do and be as we all may will,’ Alexandra hails, as Lee leaves the stage.

The satanic doo-wop duo have the crowd cheering ‘Hail Satan’ before the drums kick back in, and we are treated to the wonderful melody of ‘Sex Magick’, followed by ‘Satan’s a Woman’ and the powerful ‘Santa Muerte’.

Twin Temple hold a power; to inspire and empower those within the embrace of their ritual, filling all in attendance with courage, positivity and love.

Twin Temple round off their show with the groovy ‘I Am a Witch’, ‘Femme Fatale’, and finally the fan favourite, ‘I’m Wicked’.

After personally anointing the forehead of every member of the audience who wanted it with blood from their ritualistic chalice, Alexandra and Zachary James ended the show as they started:

With a personal display of swords and magic.

They then left the stage, as their wonderful band played them off. The room is left on a high, filled with self-positivity and self-love. Satan really does bring the best out in people.

Hail Satan. Hail Twin Temple. Hail Lee.