Deathgrind heavyweights RUINAS release brand new lyric video! “Ikonoklasta” to be released March 20th on Spikerot Records

Deathgrind heavyweights RUINAS have unleashed another merciless banger from their brand new and upcoming debut album “Ikonoklasta”, coming March 20th on Spikerot Records! Being a filthy hymn to misery influenced by the likes of Rotten Sound, Incantation, Wolfpack and John Carpenter, RUINAS from Galicia, Spain are definitely not here to joke around. Get knocked out and listen to “Instinto Genozida”, the brand new and furious Deathgrind anthem, streaming now at THIS LOCATION

Rather easy to get what’s the point behind a song titled “Instinto Genozida”, I think. Nothing relevant indeed. In summary, the nature of man at its best. Let’s leave it at that”, the band comments.

IKONOKLASTA” will be released on March 20th by Spikerot Records and is now available for pre-order RIGHT HERE

01. Trepanación
02. Ikonoklasta
03. Ciclón Tarantula
04. Fauces De Saturno
05. Supercélula
06. Instinto Genozida
07. El Tormento De Las Ratas
08. Ira, Cuchillo Y Fuego
09. Vómito De Sangre
10. La Congiura De Los Insectos
11. Nueva Peste (De Profundis)
12. Retrovirus
13. Ad Vermibus Gloriam

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