BENEATH THE MASSACRE release third single and video “Treacherous”

Canada-based tech-death specialists BENEATH THE MASSACRE release the third single and video of their new album “Fearmonger”.

Watch the video for “Treacherous” here.

“Fearmonger” will be their forth album and Century Media debut. It’s an album that flows naturally yet retains, but still very much extreme and tech-death to the max. BENEATH THE MASSACRE’s trademark go-for-the-jugular sound.

  1. Rise of the Fearmonger
  2. Hidden in Plain Sight
  3. Of Gods and Machines
  4. Treacherous
  5. Autonomous Mind
  6. Return to Medusa
  7. Bottom Feeders
  8. Absurd Hero
  9. Flickering Light
  10. Tranished Legacy

The cover artwork for “Fearmonger” was created by Alexandre Goulet.

“Fearmonger” is available in the following formats:

  • CD Digipak
  • LP+CD
  • Digital Album

LP+CD is available in the following colours and limitations:

  • black vinyl (unlimited)
  • neon orange vinyl (limited to 100 copies worldwide, exclusively at EMP)
  • transparent sun yellow vinyl (limited to 200 copies only available in Europe)
  • gold vinyl (limited to 500 copies only available in the USA

Pre-Order the Album here

BENEATH THE MASSACRE was formed in 2004 inspired by the ultra-brutal and hyper-complex death metal sound of bands like Cryptopsy and Neuraxis. They released two full-length albums in 2007 and 2008 and were touring with bands like Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Origin, Hate Eternal, Cryptopsy and Obscura. After the release of their third record “Incongruous” in 2012, the band went on hiatus until they announced their return in 2018 followed by first live activities.