HÄLLAS Releases New Single – Carry On

The track is more than just a tiny puzzle piece of the new album, Conundrum, physically released on March 20 via Napalm Records.

A sonorous wave takes you on an electrifying ride with HÄLLAS’ second single, “Carry On”.

The mystic story of the moon knight draws you into HÄLLAS’ adventure far away from reality and is accompanied by a guitar driven up-tempo melody, designed to stay in your head – forever.  
The straightforward 70’s rock attitude provides the perfect hypnotizing atmosphere and contains just the right dynamics for you to follow Tommy Alexandersson’s entrancing spells: “carry on, carry on”! The beautifully-designed lyric video for the single picks up the artful cover artwork and creates an indestructible bond with their music right from a shrouded-in-legend parallel world.  

Drummer Kasper Eriksson states:

“In order to make the album as diverse as possible, we felt that we needed to include some elements influenced by something else other than just progressive rock and heavy metal. Apart from being a piece in the bigger, conceptual puzzle that makes Conundrum continue story-wise, we consider this song to a sort-of rock song transformed into a fast, adventurous soundtrack from a world hidden beyond our own reality.”

You can listen to Carry On and watch the video below:

Swedish psychedelic adventure rock quintet HÄLLAS have been turning heads in the scene for years and have released their new album, Conundrum, via Napalm Records. Plus, as an exclusive vinyl special for fans, the album is not only be available in black Gatefold, but also in strictly limited orange Gatefold vinyl.

You can order Conundrum on CD and Vinyl – HERE

Conundrum is the final installment of the band’s mysterious trilogy of albums, inviting listeners on a cosmic ride through a parallel world! The band flexes their sonic muscles amid massive soundscapes and spacey 70’s rock riffs, channelling influences ranging from Pink Floyd and The Devils BloodHÄLLAS evokes a bizarre, intriguing world that reincarnates elements of progressive art rock, psychedelic prog and folk, but in an entirely authentic way. They invite listeners into a cosmic adventure accompanied by music forged on tales of sorcery and courage.


01. Ascension
02. Beyond Night And Day
03. Stride
04. Tear Of A Traitor
05. Carry On
06. Labyrinth Of Distant Echoes
07. Blinded By The Emerald Mist
08. Fading Hero

Conundrum is be available in the following formats:

– CD Jewelcase
– LP vinyl Gatefold (black)
– LP vinyl Gatefold (green) – sold out
– LP vinyl Gatefold (orange) – ltd. to 300
– digital album


Tommy Alexandersson: vocals / bass
Marcus Petersson : guitar
Kasper Eriksson: drums / percussion
Kasper Eriksson: organ / synthesizer
Alexander Moraitis: guitar

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