Peter And The Test Tube Babies – Fuctifano

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Arising Empire 
Released: 6th March 2020
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Band Websites: Website / Facebook / Twitter

Band line-up:

Peter Bywaters | Vocals
Derek “Del” Greening | Guitar
Nick Abnett | Bass
Sam Fuller | Drums


1          Liver’s Lament   0:25
2          Facebook Loser 2:10
3          Hell To Pay       1:56
4          Cydrated          2:44
5          Saturday Dad    2:58
6          Gravy Train       2:01
7          Ain’t Missing Her Yet     2:51
8          Wanker            3:10
9          Small Victories  2:32
10        Punched Awake 2:10
11        Tales Of The Bleedin’ Obvious    2:48
12        Screwed Down  2:16
13        Queen Of Fucking Everything     3:18
14        Liver’s Lament (Reprise) 1:21      


The legends that are Peter and the Test Tube Babies have been going since 1978 but somehow there is no clear end to their energy & fervour, touring and releasing music for over forty-two years. Although their old skool punk sound isn’t anything new, they still maintain a certain something in their energy & music that wouldn’t make them a sore thumb on a Fat Wreck or Epitaph compilation from any year. Tracks like “Cydrated” and “Saturday Dad” show that they can incorporate elements that have made latter day bands, and those they have clearly inspired, great, without losing one iota of themselves in the process.

Vitriol, sarcasm and snotty anger is something they’ve never been short of and “Fuctifano” is no different from any of their other releases in that regard. There would be no way a review could go by without mentioning the first full track and first single “Facebook Loser”. If there were any doubt that they have lost their bite and venom over the years, just give this track a listen and you’d be hard-pressed to have any argument for it. Peter vents his spleen at those more concerned with their social media status than the outside world. This, however, doesn’t mean they are devoid of humour, as Peter being deported from the US in 2017 for impersonating Donald Trump will testify. “Queen Of Fucking Everything” closes out the album in glorious style with a music video styled straight out of 70’s episode of Top Of The Pops, without the need to hastily edit out any controversial presenters of the time. 

With all this said, “Fuctifano” is a good album that is fun but ultimately not as memorable as it should or could have been. It won’t set the world on fire but will be a good addition to their catalogue and worth purchasing for the faithful to own. I couldn’t see myself going back to this at a later date to jam out to it but if you have ever enjoyed any of their songs and albums, it’s worth picking up.

Review by:

Andrew Shirley