Kirk Windstein – Dream In Motion

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: eOne
Released: 2020
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Band Website: Here

Band lineup:

Kirk Windstein – Guitar, bass, vocals
Duane Simoneaux – Drums


1. Dream In Motion
2. Hollow Dying Man
3. Once Again
4. Enemy In Disguise
5. The World You Know
6. Toxic
7. The Healing
8. Necropolis
9. The Ugly Truth
10. Aqualung


A man who should need no introduction, Kirk Windstein: the Sludgehammer, has gone rogue or, more accurately, solo. Now Windstein comments on the regular formula for artists to use this point to come out with an acoustic album and this was not going to be the route he was going down.

Instead, over the course of two years, Windstein turned to friend and long term collaborator Duane Simoneaux whenever he had spare time in his home town in Louisiana to set the ‘Dream In Motion’ and bring out his first solo effort. So, to be clear, this is not an acoustic album, however it is an entirely different beast from his Crowbar or Down routes.

A fundamental switch is in the tuning as Windstein has tuned up to standard, so we can surmise that this is as close to an acoustic album as we will get. There are still some very heavy moments where Windstein just can’t help himself, as in the opening and title track of the album. ‘Toxic’ is probably the most traditional homage to sludge, whereas the cover of Jethro Tull’s ‘Aqualung’ opens with a bit of the heavier groove that we are so used to and the rest of the song and how it evolves matches a similar format to what Windstein has produced throughout this album.

Of course, this is not another Crowbar album so the sludge is more seldom used and, for the vast majority of the album, Windstein comes in with a much more different style of weight in the music. His vocals don’t vary too much but that gruff southern tone that is so omnipresent corrodes the more delicate melodies and intertwines them into a hard alloy that has its own impact; one that leaves a lasting impression.

From tracks 2-5 we get a flow of this which works as more of a deluge that breaks the floodbanks and lets the waves of emotion flow. Coming from a position of strength, this is not mere whimpering into a creative outlet but more a tome of wisdom and experience that has brought dreams to life with many aspects buried along the way.

Every listen can completely capture your mood and suck you in as it has this hard emotive pull that’s difficult to resist. As mentioned, Windstein has gone solo but not entirely rogue as it is a path that you could imagine him going down musically. We’ve all heard wedges of this melodic edge throughout the years in the various projects Windstein has contributed to, so it’s not unexpected but still revealing.

It is clear that Windstein has poured his soul into this album over the two years it took to produce. It is definitely not a Crowbar album, nor a Down album but something entirely of itself, albeit one that makes sense when looking back at Windstein’s musical history. It can stand alone as well as fit in nicely to this man’s musical canon, but it’s not clear if this is a one-off or if there’s more to come. One thing that is for certain is that Windstein set his own Dream In Motion and he continues to pursue it.

Review By:

Pete Mutant