REPTILIUM – Adrenochromacy 

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Slam Worldwide
Released: 17 April 2020
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Band line-up

Lotan – Bass
Cecrops – Drums
Nirah – Guitars, Vocals


1. Le Grand Animal du Maastricht
2. New Deadly Bastard
3. Refusing the Hidden Truth
4. Massive Abduction


A true DIY project, Adrenochromacy was recorded, engineered and produced by REPTILIUM’s Nirah and Cecrops at Valley of the Death in Quito, Ecuador. Music for the EP was written and recorded by Nirah, with drums, cover art, lyrics and vocals by Cecrops. Mixing and mastering duties were handled by Cody Fuentes at Rapture Recordings, Los Angeles, California.

My first impression of this album when I saw the artwork was that the production was going to be technical and precise, which was a correct guess. This was heavy guttural vocals, where were occasionally ruined by the high pitched vocals.

The first track “Le grand animal de Maastricht” opened with strong slamming breakdowns but was later met with double bass and blast beat drumming, along with raspy high-pitched vocals and deep guttural growls. These two different vocal styles were great if done solo but did not sound well when performed harmoniously. As we move on to the second track, we are compensated with amazing technical guitar interludes which are then disrupted by the bad mixtures of contrasting vocal styles. We are then met with more breakdowns associated with slam death metal which will then later changed into un-muted tremolo picking one would usually associate black metal with.

In my view, the mixtures of the two vocal styles did not correspond well with each other, however the release produced very talented and precise instrumentals, which is commendable and respectable.

Review by

Ambra Chilenwa