Sign of Evil – Psychedelic Horror

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Edged Circle Productions
Released: 27 March 2020
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Band line-up:

Witchfucker – All instruments


1. Death Will Rise
2. Guilty
3. Horror
4. Spilling Black Signs
5. Force To Eternity
6. Death Crew


Edged Circle Records has been honoured to present more of Chile’s centre for underground extreme metal, as they release the debut of Sign Of Evil’s 6-track EP on 7” vinyl formats, Psychedelic Horror – a one-man’s work of Camilo Pierattini.

This release conveys the merciless and manic nature of South American extreme metal, while assembling speed metal and cult-horror artistry all massed in a tempting 12 minutes of a production. Each track released high vibrations accompanied by occasional deep growls and heavy drubs. Personal favourites of mine, “Force To Eternity” and “Death Will Rise”, demonstrate its anti-establishment stance with penetrating basslines and coarse, raspy vocals. Almost each track is linked together with corresponding bass tones combined with maniacal rhythms. The number one element that unites the album is the use of synthesisers on several tracks to produce psychedelic melodies.

The punk-style rhythms and the various elements installed in this release, such as violins, was quite an enjoyment for me to create a new, disturbing yet satisfying feeling.

Review by

Ambra Chilenwa