White Nights – Into the Lap of the Ancient Mother

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: https://ironbonehead.de
Released: 2020
Buy Album: https://ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/IronBoneheadProductions

Band Line-up:



1. Litha
2. Drift FromIrminsul
3. Bölthorn
4. –


White Nights are an abstract dark band with black metal and deathrock influences and the Iron Bonehead label are excited and proud to be working with them. Their bewildering and unique, 17 minute long debut EP ‘Into the Lap of the Ancient Mother’ will be released on 24th April, 2020. You will be able to find it in the forms of 12” vinyls, CDs and cassette tapes. It is potent, hallucinatory and violent. 

There are many bands out there who write simple, hypnotic music, but the style is not easy to pull off, effectively. WN are going for the same sound but for the most part, the ideas they repeat just aren’t interesting to listen to for more than half a minute, or so. The chord progressions are bland and whilst the slightly independent bass parts do add interest, they’re just not enough. Thick and dense keyboards in the background add to the wall of sound, giving the music a certain sense of power, but again, they’re not something you want to hear THAT much of. 

The band have a habit of building drama in very simplistic ways. Rather than them using clever harmony to add to the tension, they mostly rely on the very simple method of speeding things up. Such ideas get tired, quickly. The intro of third track ‘Bolthorn’ does build tension effectively, but after about a minute and a half, the song repeats the monotonous flaws from the previous songs. All three of them (‘song’ 4 is just a couple of minutes of various noises) are begging for melodies, because the release sounds more like a backing track than a finished project. 

In conclusion, this music is a little on the dull side. It IS different in that it is full of various ‘colours’ – you have to give White Nights that – but unless you love hearing every day power chords over and over, you probably won’t find the material catchy. If the music does get stuck in your head, you’d probably just find it annoying. There ARE highlights and the drumming is pretty good, but it’s hard to imagine many (apart from avant-garde fans) truly enjoying it.

Review by Simon Wiedemann