MEDIUM – Self Titled

Rating: 3/5
Released: 2020
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Band line-up:

Lucien – Vocals/Bass
Rama – Drums
Fede – Guitar
Seba – Guitar


1. Skullcomet Sorcery
2. Maximum Rampage
3. El Gigante
4. Black Future Patrol
5. Gargola
6. Night Vision
7. Radiation Huntress


Medium are a grindcore/crust band with death metal, punk and hardcore influences. They are on Transcending Obscurity Records and are for fans of Martyrdod, Skitsystem, Henry Kane, Disfear, Napalm Death, early Extreme Noise Terror and Rotten Sound. They released their self-titled debut album on 6th March, 2020 and are notable for their dark yet emotional sound that creates a human quality. Streaks of melodies cut through the blasting parts. 

The band may have lots of influences, but really their sound is far from shocking and they need to take it further. The instrumentation is usually dominated by heavy, power chord based riffing; higher pitched dissonant riffing or both at the same time. Not too different. Ok, there are certainly plenty of more melodic ideas too, which are perhaps the strongest parts of the album. That’s because they tend to involve the whole band coming together in intelligent ways, rather than them all playing the same stuff but in different octaves.  Occasionally the musicians play ideas that seem to be designed to create an effect, rather than them making complete musical sense, but then again, I’m sure almost all grind fans aren’t concerned with ANY kind of theory, as long as everything rocks hard. 

Do Medium rock hard? No harder than anyone else, really. Of course the shouted lyrics sound angry, but they are performed in a very typical way many would have heard hundreds of times, before. The vocalist is lacking the genuine rage of Slipknot for example. One of the only exceptions is when he goes ‘huh!’ at the end of track ‘El Gigante’. It may sound silly, but if there was more of that stuff, the music would genuinely be cool. They’re a different genre, but think how upset people were when Dead from Mayhem died. Was the instrumentation massively different from that point onwards? No, they missed his own unique style. Furthermore, the instrumentation behind Medium’s singer sometimes kind of lacks that genuinely exciting edge bands such as Napalm Death are noted for.  

To conclude, this album isn’t anything special. You get heavy riffs, drum beats and shouting and some fairly decent melodic parts. The same kind of stuff you get from all kinds of similar bands. It’s not the lack of complexity that stops the whole experience from being truly exciting – Medium’s music actually has a fair amount going on when compared to many similar acts – the band just don’t have that special something that’s hard if not impossible to define. Of course everyone’s tastes are different so you may completely disagree with me, just be warned before parting with your money. 

Review by Simon Wiedemann