Blaze of Perdition Interview with Sonneillon (vocals)

Interview by Ambra Chilenwa

Interview with Sonneillon of Blaze of Perdition, vocals





Blaze of Perdition have recently released their new full-length album, ‘The Harrowing of Hearts’. This band has shared the stage with many legendary acts and are among the most notable figures within the Polish black metal underground.


Please state your name & position in the band.

S: Paweł, I’m the vocalist. 

Hello and thank you so much for participating! How are things in Poland? 

S: Pretty much the same as the rest of the world now with pandemic around. Some panic, a lot of stupidity and ignorance, nothing too new actually, just more visible. 

How was the recording process of your latest release? 

S: With a dose of frustration as usual, but pretty smooth overall I guess. Nothing special to share to be honest. Of all things in bands activities, recordings are the least interesting process, with more annoyance than pleasure. But, as I said, this time it was pretty quick and stressless anyway, for me at least. 

How has the COVID-19 outbreak affected your ability to tour and perform at shows? 

S: Well, like everyone, we had to postpone some shows that were already confirmed and we have to wait until it all gets better. Who knows how longer it will take, but there’s nothing we can do about it aside of not being idiots and obey quarantine rules.

Credit: Rafał Rudzki

What is the biggest problem you’ve had to overcome as a black metal musician? 

S: Nothing really comes to my mind…. overcoming artistic frustration perhaps? It sometimes gets in the way. 

What do you enjoy most about Polish black metal industry, is there anything you’d like to change? 

S: Well, to be honest I’m not a huge fan of current Polish black metal scene, so there isn’t much I enjoy. Too much ego-tripping and jealousy for my taste & the music rarely speaks to me. 

Have you had any memorable experiences with the Polish black metal scene? Any pros or cons as a band? 

S: Gigs of the past were a blast, with all the youthful stupidity and irresponsibility of that time. But that, as I said, was in the past, since the accident I rarely perform live. 

What inspires the artwork for your releases. Do you have any favourite artists? 

S: My own thoughts I guess, they are the starting point, where concept starts growing further. Anyway, each artwork is quite different, so there’s no common author inspiring them all. The latest one was influenced by classical painting style with a little dose of surrealism. 

Your lyrics are based on occultism and spirituality, are these topics important to you or some things that you? Are you quite spiritual yourself? 

S: Yes, I tend to dwell in my inner side quite often, getting inspiration for any artistic pursuits as well as for common life-oriented worldview. Mostly during the nights, when the world around is less distracting.

What hobbies have any other interests or hobbies outside of music? 

S: I’m a graphic designer, which is both my job and a hobby as well as a way to relax as I take mad pleasure in making things my way. Hobbies? Nothing too fancy I guess,  some movies, video games, books, regular stuff. 

How do you feel the internet and illegal downloads has impacted the metal music business?  

S: Not at all, not anymore at least. Everything is so accessible, cheap and entirely legal at the moment that piracy isn’t as much of a problem as it used to be. Besides, underground bands don’t live off selling music, so why would it affect them anyway?

What first got you into music and the black metal scene? 

S: My cousin. He was flooding me with tapes in mid/late 90s and it all started there, then I was gradually moving into extreme metal territory with time.

Credit: Rafał Rudzki

How different would you say your latest release is from your four previous full-length albums? 

S: It’s less dense and aggressive, more rock-oriented I think, leaning towards gothic rock and post punk more than extreme music.

What feedback or reactions have you received since your release of ‘The Harrowing of Hearts?’ 

S: With some controversy, still mostly positive, but I don’t really follow people’s reactions. Most of them I see when journalists etc send their reviews to our inbox or tag us on Facebook, or by accident somewhere in social media.

What’s next for the band? 

S: We had a lot of touring plans, but that has to wait, as I already mentioned. I’m also preparing for recording my side project Manbryne, but that also has to wait a bit for the same reasons. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to attend this interview, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans? 

S: Thanks for the interview, take care!