Dynazty – The Dark Delight

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/Label: AFM Records
Released: 3rd April 2020
Buy Album: AFM Records
Band Website: www.dynazty.com

Band Lineup:

Vocals – Nils Molin
Guitar – Love Magnusson
Guitars – Mike Laver
Bass – Jonathan Olsson
Drums – George Egg


1. Presence of Mind
2. Paradise of the Architect
3. The Black
4. From Sound to Silence (Feat GG6)
5. Hologram
6. Heartless Madness
7. Waterfall
8. Threading The Needle
9. The Man and the Elements
10. Apex
11. The Road to Redemption
12. The Dark Delight


Dynazty are a vibrant, hard hitting rock band from Stockholm and have gone from strength to strength since they first launched in 2008. It is very easy to see from their latest album “The Dark Delight” why they are high on the list of ‘pioneering rock bands’, due to their high quality music and thought provoking lyrics. Lead singer Nils Molan pictures the album as thus:

We pulled out all the stops, pulled no punches and held nothing back on this one. the Dark Delight is the complete vision of what the band has always wanted to be.

With this in mind, “The Dark Delight” brings delight after delight with every track on offer. It is very easy to assume that most metal is doom and gloom and a lot of screaming, but Dynazty proved with this latest offering that melodic metal can be uplifting, positive and extremely creative with every note sung, strings played and more. From start to finish, it is clear that whilst there is a link in musical form, the styles are so different with each track, that you never know what you are going to get next and it keeps you interested.

For instance, the opening track “Presence of Mind” gives a strong start to this album with a clear fusion of rock and heavy metal and is not afraid to experiment with a rap in the bridge section. The lyrics are catchy and are highlighted by the strong guitar riffs on offer, as well as tight unification of everyone involved. From time to time as the tracks continue, although Dynazty have their own distinct sound, there are little nods to bands such as Nightwish and Alestorm which gives everything a familiar feel, yet the high energy makes their music outshine a lot of what is currently out there. It’s upbeat, at times thoughtful and is full of surprises that make you want to relax, or get up and dance.

Other tracks that are of particular note are “From Sound to Silence”, that gave a nod to Bon Jovi at times and had great lyrics such as “From fire to ashes” that hooked you in from that tiny moment due to the powerful simplicity of it all; the acoustic fusion track “Hologram” changed pace to capture your attention and again had powerful moments that made you visualise all that could occur if there was nothing left, especially in the lyrics “Shallow, empty like a hologram” and “I cannot see the real me”. “Apex” was a heavier track that created the perfect balance between light and dark, focusing on our own liberty – especially in the lyrics “A perfect snapshot of Harmony” and “Dance with Madness”. But the final track “The Dark Delight” ties the whole thing up tightly and gives an almost ethereal fairytale feeling to it and ends the album on a high.

“The Dark Delight” is a joy to listen to and has something for everyone here, Whether you love rock, metal orchestral fusions, or good high energy music, this is the album to get. It’s strong, melodically tight and perfectly put together from start to finish.

Review by

Sascha Cooper