Exlibris – Shadowrise

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label URL: https://www.exlibrisband.com/site/shop/product-tag/shadowrise/
Released: 2020
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Exlibris – Shadowrise
Band line-up:

Vocals: Riku Turunen
Guitars: To be revealed
Keyboards: Piotr Sikora
Bass: Piotr Torbicz
Drums: Grzegorz “Gregor” Olejnik


1. Rule #1
2. Hell Or High Water
3. All I Never Knew
4. Shadowrise
5. Megiddo
6. Interstellar


Polish/Finnish power-prog metallers Exlibris have been releasing a new song and video from their new album “Shadowrise” every couple weeks and now it’s time for the title track.

The band’s keyboardist and songwriter, Piotr Sikora, states:

“Opening the second half of the album, Shadowrise shows the more complex side of our music, introducing some odd time signatures and unusual song structures, which are here to stay through the rest of the record.”

Upon listening to the first track of the album, Rule #1, I was immediately blown away. The opening symphonic section is powerful and loud which is followed by a complex riff. This leads to a breakdown into heavy guitar riffs and melodic vocals which, both in turn, create this powerful sound. I found this same effect and sound carried on through until Shadowrise.

Shadowrise operates at a slower tempo and uses a piano for its intro but this isn’t to its detriment and in fact its benefit. The song features more symphonic sounds which is supported by strong vocals that seem to resonate well through the song. In the second half of the song there was a gradual build up to the solo section which throws in complex guitar riffs which just sound great. I particularly enjoyed that the track Megiddo picks up in tempo and complexity which reflects the first half of the album, and then Interstellar brings it back down to a level similar to Shadowrise.

As I do not listen to that much power/progressive metal as much as the next person, I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Exlibris’s new album for the first time and would love to see them perform if they ever come to the UK.


Review by

Rossy Maguire