Psychedelic rockers MOTHER ISLAND premiere new single “And We’re Shining”

May 22nd will see Vicenza’s psych rockers, MOTHER ISLAND, release their brand new album “Motel Rooms” on Go Down Records. With a love for Italian movies of the ’60s and a deeply surf-oriented flair, the band’s upcoming full-length record will make people move their feet! 

Check out the new single right here:

“And We’re Shining” is one of those tracks on the album in which the aftertaste of certain surf sounds very dear to the band can be heard more markedly. Anita finished writing the song’s lyrics by writing down the latest changes on a slip of paper, in the inner courtyard of a motel in Los Angeles shortly before beginning the tour along the West Coast. Among the most prominent concepts of the lyrics, there is one concerning the entanglment, the interconnection that links inextricably all things, human beings, the Universe through a sort of energy that travels throughout all time and space. Everything shines before such magnificence.” the band comments.

The new album, “Motel Rooms” will be coming out May 22nd on Go Down Records and is now available for pre-order RIGHT HERE


Anita Formilan | vocals
Nicolò De Franceschi | guitar
Nicola Tamiozzo | guitar
Giacomo Totti | bass
Nicola Bottene | drums

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