IMPERIAL AGE announce full online concert

IMPERIAL AGE are happy to announce their first 120-minute online show streaming from the heart of Russia – Moscow!

Due to the current events connected with COVID-19 and postponed UK tour dates till September, the band have made a decision to play a big online gig for those who are spending their time in self-isolation, but still want to take part in worldwide metal events and keep rocking.

Explosive guitar riffs, powerful voices and beautiful ladies will capture your attention on Saturday April, 25 at 7pm CET (6pm GMT).

Each of you has a unique opportunity to join the stream and become a part of an exclusive metal event while enjoying a spectacular show of Russian Symphonic Metal.

IMPERIAL AGE will introduce their new songs from the upcoming album for the first time and all the hits from the previous ones. Between the songs the members of the band will answer the most intriguing questions from the online chat, share their reflections on the current situation in the world and tell you about their future plans.

Don‘t miss a chance to see your favourite band and to spend an unforgettable night with Russian divas and metalists!

The admission is absolutely free of charge! You can make your donations before, during and after the show and support the band.

Saturday April 25, 2020 at 6pm UK

Join the stream here: 






Check out the epic video for the title track from their ‘The Legacy Of Atlantis’ below:


More info on Imperial Age:

Founded in Moscow by singers/songwriters Alexander “Aor” Osipov and Jane “Corn” Odintsova in 2012, IMPERIAL AGE has become Russia‘s most famous symphonic metal band and the country‘s second most-internationally-touring rock act, achieving acclaim from fans, press and even the founder of symphonic metal – Christofer Johnsson (Therion) – himself.

Between 2016 – 2019 the band toured Europe 4 times, with a total of 103 concerts (and out of those 38 were as headliners).

Musically, IMPERIAL AGE combine heavy metal with a symphony orchestra, folk instruments, 3 lead singers (1 male and 2 female) and a full choir.

The records feature multiple collaborations with musicians from DIMMU BORGIR, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, THERION, ARKONA and the Moscow Conservatory Chamber Choir.

Lyrically, the band deals with the idea of ancient prehistoric advanced civilizations (Atlantis, Hyperborea, Lemuria) and their legacy in the form of the Western Magical Tradition (Hermetism, Kabbalah etc.) carried through history by secret societies and magical orders (Orphism, Templars, Rosenkreuz, Freemasons, Golden Dawn, etc).

As of 2019, IMPERIAL AGE have released 2 studio albums and 1 EP

All artwork by Jan Yrlund (MANOWAR). Mixing and mastering by Sergei Lazar (ARKONA).

Hear Imperial Age on Spotify:

‘The Legacy Of Atlantis’ – 2018

‘Warrior Race’ – 2016

‘Turn The Sun Off’ – 2012

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