Interview with John Legato of Heirs Of Fire

Interview By Andrew Shirley
Interview with John Legato of Heirs Of Fire

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1, As a relatively new and young band, starting off in 2017, can you tell us how you met and got together? Have you been in bands previously?

Heirs Of Fire is a project, not a band, and I’m the only person who writes all the music and lyrics. I’ve been in various band formations before but I haven’t been lucky in finding the right one so far.

2, Did you always want to be in a band?

I’d love being in an actual band and perform live, and I will sooner or later. Meanwhile, I keep enjoying crafting some good stuff on my own.

3, You’ve recently released your first EP, what is the concept behind the album?

There’s no precise concept, in this first EP are gathered my first works and experimentalists in the Alt-Metal genre, every song has some elements (in the music or lyrics) that link to some band I love or video games I played. It’s like my tribute to them. If I got to call an overall theme about this EP I’d say it’s a journey into oneself, kind of an exploration, a questioning of one’s feelings and inner impulses with all its lights and shadows, all its pains and victories.

4, How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it?

A rocky, tasty Metal, very riff-driven, with unexpected rhythms, cool melodic lines, and versatile vocals, plus some researched elements and atmospheres.

5, Being on the newer side, do you have any plans to gig/tour? Where would you like to go?

No plans yet.

6, Did you have a set way you went about writing and recording your debut? Is there any way you’d make it different next time?

Yeah, if there’s one thing I want to make different/improve it’s the recording… I’m going to update my gear for sure, and also the mixing-mastering part.

7, Where do you draw your influences from when it comes to producing new music/lyrics?

This EP has some influence from some old school metal but also many Alt-Metal/Nu-Metal bands I love. But with any kind of music, I compose themes, sound and lyrics ideas come out from the vortex in my head while I’m experiencing something intense, or even reading a story, playing a very cool video-game, having a dream, and then transpose it in music and words beginning by the idea I got for the rhythm, or the main riff, or melody… and this idea often reminds me in some ways to something that I already heard. I try letting myself be lost in it, freely, not lucidly overthinking, playing with it, in my head as on my guitar or keyboard. In the end, there’s always a bit of trial and error, and sometimes the material you built so far just don’t work and you got to have the strength of erasing it and pass. That’s it.

8, Is it difficult balancing out being in a band with a ‘normal working life’? Do you feel like the curse of being creative can impact other parts of your life?

No, I don’t. I mean, it’s just a matter of organising routines and set priorities in your life.

9, What is the music scene like where you are based?

Not the best one… Alt-metal, it’s not quite the mainstream genre here! Staying in the metal/rock field I feel there’s a taste for the old school where I’m based. I think there are some cool, original artists but they are very few and stay quite undervalued or just don’t care of promoting properly, same for other better-listened genres, mainly indie and trap. I see some pushing it hard with promo but they should instead focus on developing their sound. Usually, it’s quite boring, but sometimes here and there you can find some pearl.

10, What genres of music do you like to listen to personally? Any new bands that have caught your attention recently?

It’s quite difficult for me finding artists/bands to fall in love with these days, my top recent discoveries are Got No Choice (melodic death from Russia) and Seven (math Metal, or else?), and I’m listening to a lot of Metalstep (Zardonic, Mick Gordon…). However, I’m a big fan (and novice producer) of Synthwave, Chillhop and Chillstep genres. I also produced some trance stuff back in the days, this is another love of mine. Not to mention my Alt-Rock/Acoustic project I’m working on, inspired by many 90’s Rock bands I love… Yeah, I’m really open-minded.

11, If you could tour with anyone, who would it be with?

System Of A Down, or maybe Trivium.

12, What are your views on bands who give away their music free on social media? Do you think this is a good beneficial marketing idea, or should fans be paying to purchase tracks?

This is up to the artist, always should be, and it’s a holy law. I think it all depends on the artist’s goals and wills, it’s not about marketing. But if wondering about the marketing effectiveness of it, well I think it’s not so relevant after all, could be to some extent but in the end it doesn’t really matter if it’s free, it matter if it’s GOOD.

13, Has the current COVID-19 situation in the world affected the band and your plans?

Not at all.

14, What do you like to do outside of music? Any hobbies?

I’m a financial and sportive trader, it’s a remunerative passion, also not time-consuming doing it my way. I have a job in the family business, I like staying fit, also I’m a video-games addict and from time to time I discover something I wanna learn, so I keep myself pretty busy overall.

15, Thank you for your time, is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

I want to thank you guys of for this opportunity, keep it up guys! And to all readers I just say thanks for your interest, I wish you to stay strong in your beliefs but also open-minded and keep it up in these turbulent times, it can’t rain forever!