Deified – Anthrobscene

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/Label: Independent
Released: 2020
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Band Website: Here

Band lineup:

Jamie Hughes–Vocals
Matt Pike–Guitar
Alistair Blackhall–Guitar
Tom Simm–Bass
Jordan-Stanley Jones-Drums


1. Prelude
2. Dark Desires
3. Broken Matrix
4. Enemies Within
5. Intermission
6. Apotheosis-Rebirth
7. Blood Under The Bridge
8. An Ode to Armageddon


Deified were said to be a rising star in the North West of England having won Bloodstock’s Metal 2 The Masses for Merseyside in 2015. After playing Bloodstock and riding the high, the band brought out their first full length in Ascension in December of that same year. Their third release ‘Inhuman Manifesto’ came out in 2018 and they’re once again back with an EP to tide their fans over with.

History lesson over, I had not come across this band before although I was at Bloodstock that year. When I heard ‘Anthrobscene’ for the first time I was pretty put off by the stylistic leaning which were far too close to Lamb of God. I know they state for fans of Lamb of God and Sylosis, it’s just way to close for me. I’ve heard Lamb of God enough over the years whilst many new bands were imitating their style. There’s imitation and there’s mimicry and this is nothing but the latter.

Sure they put some electronic elements at the beginning of the EP and as an interlude in ‘Intermission’ but that barely takes away from the vast majority of the EP. I mean, these guys can play; they’re just lacking any originality. They have some good moments like the start to ‘Enemies Within’ and ‘Apotheosis’ has some nice moments as well but sadly these are fleeting.

Vocalist Jamie Hughes’ delivery is just not quite up to it. His style tries to get the power of Randy Blythe but it doesn’t get near it unfortunately. Although Mark Morton may be a little pissed that his riffs have been regurgitated, guitarists Matt Pike and Alistair Blackhall at least execute them perfectly. Likewise drummer Jordan-Stanley Jones is quite proficient and comes out with some plaudits over his performance.

It is what it is. It’s not terrible and fans of Lamb of God will either love it or loathe it. Lamb of God have become a parody of themselves already so there’s not much point in picking up the torch with the already dying flame. There’s some good music here it’s just too similar to their influencers. Perhaps they’ll keep it going but it’s not got my interest but it may capture yours so give it a blast at least. You’ll just not get anything new from it.

Review By Pete Mutant