Erico Falcone – The Mallets

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Noir Fidelity Records
Released: 2020
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Erico Falcone

1. The Mallets


How do you best describe the minimal techno genre? Subtle electronic music for a more mellow clientele? A rare example of music where less is more? How about we leave it to ERICO FALCONE to describe his particular take on the genre:

“Thought experiments on electronic mind.
Acid drenched beats, sci-fi erotica,
Detroit, esoteric house, analogue cinematic freak-out, deep funk meets altered states on
dark wave disco jam.”

Couldn’t have said it any better. Today, we see how this all fits in with his latest, “The Mallets”.

Of course, a track called “The Mallets” would be remiss were it not to include its namesake, and they do, indeed, make a brief appearance during the early stages, and then again as the song concludes. Plinking and almost haunting in their approach, they give the piece a somewhat unique sound to the usual thumping electronic battery you come to expect from the genre. Not least the fact that it is rather unheard of to hear an actual analogue/”real” instrument be incorporated. Ordinarily, something so alien would mix about as well as oil and water, but FALCONE seems to have made it work.

Beyond the mallets, the beat and synths combine to make for something of a contrast. The solid beat sets a repetitive and simplistic groove throughout, covering the base of FALCONE’s adherence to “minimalism”, whilst the synths work to make it that bit busier. Despite the added shuffle and business, it all still feels very effortless and the listening experience is just that – effortless.

Also defined as “deep”, “The Mallets” certainly is if we are referring to the bass – it is the most prominent feature throughout. Percussive and subby, it will even resonate on a tinny iPhone speaker – goodness knows what this would sound like in a club. One would think it would hit the resonant frequency of the human body and dislodge some organs! For that reason alone, it will likely go down a storm amongst the clubbers in the world. For the average listener, however, it may come across a little muddy – almost like being on some kind of drug – and the minimalist nature of the track then relies on lead synths to bring things to the fore.

Fortunately, “The Mallets” hits a sweet note with its simple groove and intrigue, ensuring the listener can choose their level of engagement. As with a lot of electronic music, it can be both music to vibe to in the background, and acknowledge with rapt attention. FALCONE’s latest thought experiment may lean into the drug-induced haze that his beats are supposedly drenched in, but it is worth taking the trip.