The Third Eye Rapists – Deathtrip Transcendence/Magicians of The Holocaust

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: Amor Fati Productions
Buy Album: Here
Band Website: Here

Band lineup:
Drums – A. Aids
Guitars/Vocals – P. Psilocin
  1. Endless Funeral Rapture
  2. Deathtrip Transcendence
  3. Jaws of Hades
  4. Magicians of The Holocaust
  5. Den Universella Våldtäkten

The Third Eye Rapists have released a compilation of their demo ‘Magicians of the Holocaust’ which has been combined with their last EP ‘Deathtrip Transcendence’  for release on 12” Vinyl via Amor Fati Productions. It’s been three years since both ‘Deathtrip Transcendence’ and ‘Magicians of The Holocaust’ were both released but now you have the chance to get them combined for your collection should you choose to do so. And why not? The Third Eye Rapists have some pretty solid music throughout these two releases so getting them in the one place and on vinyl might just be what you are looking for.

The group is made up of two brothers who hail from Sweden who came onto the scene around eight years ago before releasing their first EP ‘Hets Molt Allt’ back in 2014. It’s not the brothers’ first ever project as they were two thirds of Gothenburg’s Morbid Insulter so it looks like they have kept a hold of all duties and get to maintain the creative license of the band. Just their logo alone gives you a good idea of what to expect with the three syringes framing a triangle around the third eye.

Don’t say the Third Eye Rapists weren’t good to you as there’s also an extra track added and a new one at that in ‘Den Universella Våldtäkten’ which provides added incentive to obtain this record – like you needed more with the Third Eye Rapists’ own brand of what can be at times quite beastial metal. From the start they drag you in with ‘Endless Funeral Rapture’ which has pretty much all you could look for in a track. Riffs, rapid notes, tempo shifts and lots of heaviness. There’s some traditional black metal elements throughout but I think the brothers prefer to keep things fast and intense so the thrashier swings are more pronounced and impactful.

It keeps things interesting as well as they don’t rely on one format for their sound and like it mix it up frequently. I must say that I’m loving the new track ‘Den Universella Våldtäkten’ which is even more dynamic and layered than the earlier tracks. It’s got some delightfully horrific music going on, haunting keys, howling, riffs and is pretty much fully instrumental. Really gives one hope for more future releases from this band.I’m a fan, it’s not all glorious but it’s heavy and riffy and packs in a lot of chaos into 20 minutes of music. May even sound better on vinyl than digital so don’t fear the unknown and give this a whirl should you get the opportunity. The music is pretty damn solid and there’s enough to keep you entertained throughout. The Third Eye Rapists have found their medium and it looks like they still have areas to explore within it so I’ll be keeping tabs on them and suggest you do so too. Cracking stuff from Sweden so get on it.

Review By Pete Mutant