Dictator Ship releases their debut album “Your Favorites” on The Sign Records

Dictator Ship releases their debut album “Your Favorites” on The Sign Records April 17, 2020. The live-recorded album contains seven tracks of pure rock‘n‘roll mixed with 60’s soul-inspired vocal harmonies and is released on Vinyl, CD and Digital format.

Dictator Ship
Dictator Ship

Your Favorites is the raw and primitive debut album from Dictator Ship. Seven tracks of pure rock‘n‘roll in 27 minutes, with stand out vocals that are heavily influenced by the soul bands of the ‘60s. Adding rock‘n‘roll riffs and pure attitude makes Dictator Ship‘s debut album impossible to resist. Dictator Ship is a four person strong band with four vocalists – a vocal approach that adds so much flavor to the songs. Your Favorites sounds like a ‘best-of‘ album, but is actually Dictator Ship‘s debut album. However, it could very well be a ‘best-of‘ – the album is just that good!

The album was recorded by band member John Sijbren Leonard. He comments: “I am satisfied with the lo-fi sound and the honesty of this album. It sounds like us, and that’s the hardest thing in recording, to capture your own sound.”

The album was recorded in a small cabin in Värmland, Sweden by band member John Sijbren Leonard. They mic’ed and pre-mixed all the drums through an old PA-mixing console from the ’70s. Then they summed the drums up to two stereo channels, so only two drum channels were recorded. This was done to save on channels, mostly because they only had eight channels available for the whole recording. John wanted the sound to be almost like the band had recorded it in their own rehearsal space with only one microphone, not in a fancy studio. Even though, this way, some details might have gotten lost on the way, the album would get more of a live feel and the focus would not be on an expensive production, but more on the way the band actually would sound when you‘d hear them live. The entire album was recorded live with the vocals added on. The album artwork was made by Afshin Piran.

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Dictator Ship is a direct and immediate outburst in raw and primitive Rock‘N‘Roll, accompanied by the supreme vocal set up from the soul bands of the ’60s. The sound has a short and direct approach that seems almost impossible to contain, like a wild animal in a cage – as if The Saints met up with The Four Tops. It is a constant fist fight between the greatness of the ’70s and the ‘60s. Dictator Ship is the prime and natural energy source that the world has been searching for. Hook up the power net and let the world enjoy! So begins the story of the band now known as Dictator Ship…

The foundation of the band is the harmonies in the vocals and the feedback from the amps, backed by the most intense drumming – almost impossible to comprehend – and the aggressive hammering on the bass. The band recorded their debut album Your Favorites (The Sign Records 2020) in a small cabin in Värmland, Sweden. All the music was recorded live to keep the edge. As you press play you can really hear the intense energy of the recording – an energy that could just barely be contained on tape. Dictator Ship has learned their live music lessons from playing in countless pubs and bars, and from that day when the first chord was struck, the band felt like nothing in the world could stop them.

Petter Heinemann – Vocals and Guitar
John Sijbren Leonard – Vocals and Guitar
Viktor Henriksson – Vocals and Drums
David Ericsson – Vocals and Bass

Dictator Ship – Your Favorites
Release Date: 17th of April 2020
Format: Vinyl, CD, Digital