Blasphamagoatachrist – Bastardizing The Purity

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/Label: Nuclear War Now
Released: 2020
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Band Website: Here

Band lineup:

Sabbaoth of the Blood Moon Powerlifting Legion –  Bass
Incinerator of Lacerated Angels and Coffin Destruction – Drums
Tyrant Virrugus of the Arcane Rites of Blood Lust – Guitars
Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds – Vocals


1. Intro (50 Cal. Demonic Chant)
2. Bastardizing the Purity
3. Black Nuclear Shadows
4. Abysmal Commands
5. Intro (Weapons of Fire and Steel)
6. The Final Blood Orgy
7. Death Alchemy
8. Genocide Evocation
|9. Intro (Apocalyptic Battlefields)
10. Fire Demons of Blokula
11. Evil Revelation


I think quite a few people will have been waiting for this release, or perhaps they’re done with the thought of another black metal or just any kind of metal supergroup. Either way, it’s a big release and anticipation is anticipation be it positive or negative. This kind of thing creates a buzz and after the band’s demo two years ago, I can imagine that there’s plenty of people out there intensely waiting for the debut full length of this band.
Made up of members of Goat Penis, Antichrist and Blasphemy, Blasphamagoatachrist went straight for the jugular with their brand of bestial black metal. The demo was pretty intense and their first full length also lives up to the standard previously set. We’ve got 11 tracks and not even 29 minutes of music so you can imagine the speed, intensity and density of this chaotic album.
There really is some crushing metal on this album. Certain tracks may be a bit low tempo but, frequently, Blasphamagoatachrist will change the tempo up with a devastating drive that leaves a lasting impression by blasting your brains rather mercilessly. The opening sets you up for bestial war basically and the title track delivers straight after. The riffs are massive but when things speed up, the cacophony takes over and Blasphemy’s Nocturnal Grave Desecrator vocals just cement the power of the music. I can only imagine how good this would be live.
Everything is raw and braw. It’s hard not to continuously talk of the gripping power of the music on this album. It’s a real head smasher from all angles and jam packs so much brutality in such a short span of time. Tracks like ‘The Final Blood Orgy’ and ‘Genocide Evocation’ have been captured as if in the midst of a blizzard. A storm of fiery chaos that these four musicians  have gelled so well together to create. There’s no lag really, as the middle and end are just as furious as the beginning. There are a couple of reprieve intros which gives us three stages for the album but they just lead into more relentless music.
It’s a leviathan of an album and Blasphamagoatachrist have managed to condense so much in less than 30 minutes quite similar to what Slayer achieved with ‘Reign in Blood’ albeit of a different ilk all of its own. The four members all offer their best qualities into a gargantuan sounding piece of music which I am sure that those who like their black and death metal can both enjoy. I’m sold as it’s one of the heaviest things I’ve heard this year and that’s setting a good precedent which might be hard to surpass. Although we’d all agree that 2020 has been rather shite so far, at least we’re still getting good music to thrill us whilst stuck indoors.
Review By:

Pete Mutant