Black Metal unit NAXEN premieres bleak and haunting new single! “Towards The Tomb Of Times” out June

Carving their own path between traditional Scandinavian black metal, Eastern European melodies and the USBM atmospheric counterpart, German black metal band NAXEN are about to release their highly anticipated first full length album on June 5th via Berlin’s finest home for blackened underground music, Vendetta Records! With four tracks spanning over 47 minutes, the album explores the weakness of mankind, the unavoidable loss and the inevitable failure of our species.

A very promising first glimpse of what to expect can now be heard and seen in form of a lyric video for “To Welcome The Withering”, the bleak and haunting first single of the upcoming record, streaming now at THIS LOCATION

LN explains:

When i started writing songs for the full-length, it soon became evident to us ‘To Welcome The Withering’ will open up our first album. Considering the bleak content of the record, we introduce it with a posh and massive intro. It slowly pushes us towards the non-relenting attack of the main portion of the song. That is until the song nearly collapses and builds itself back up with a leading melody to be carried forth. That is kind of contrary to a withering, if one might say so.To Welcome The Withering’ is the deathbed and all that follows is the aftermath of loss and grief. The words are an important part and should be seen as essential to this band. On ‘Towards The Tomb Of Times’ several themes are interwoven that range from depression correlating with existential disappointment to grief and death. All 4 songs on this album constitute the painful passage to solace through death up to ending in purification through fire.
It is this undiluted pain that is channeling the path NAXEN treads

Towards The Tomb Of Times” will be coming out on June 5th and is now available for pre-order via the band’s Bandcamp or Vendetta Records


1. To Welcome The Withering
2. The Odious Ordeal
3. A Shadow In The Fire Part I – (Scars Of Solitude)
4. A Shadow In The Fire Part II – (Where Fire Awaits)

NAXEN are:

NAXEN: SP (Bass)
LN (Vocals/Guitar)
FT (Guitar)

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