Experimental dark jazz experts LAST CALL AT NIGHTOWLS unveil breathtaking video “Ask The Dust”!

Experimental dark jazz experts LAST CALL AT NIGHTOWLS unveil breathtaking new video for “Ask The Dust”, suggested scenes of sex and violence are making this chromatic dichotomy as frightening as it is distressing. Will you dare watching?

Melancholic saxophone elements and dark progressive soundscapes creating a deep ambient and noir music that could easily be the original soundtrack of a horror movie. Adriano Vincenti (synth, sample, drum programming) describes LAST CALL AT NIGHTOWLS’s very first video “Ask The Dusk” in the following way:

“The gloomy atmosphere is reminiscent of sex, as well as the desire to get lost forever on always dark streets. It is comprised of edited shots taken from Bara no Sōretsu (‘Funeral Parade of Rose’), a Japanese drama film from 1969. The intermittent release of segments from the movie through the pitch black background accents the unsettling atmosphere and also gives it another dimension where it can manifest itself.”

“Ask The Dusk”, the brand new video by LAST CALL AT NIGHTOWLS, streaming now here:

“Ask The Dusk” out now on Subsound Records and available for purchase RIGHT HERE


2.My Distant Dream
3.La Llorona
4.Ask The Dust
5.Sperm And Tears
7.Cold In My Veins

Last Call At Nightowls are:

Adriano Vincenti
Terry Vainoras
Giovanni Leonardi
Maria Ruvalcaba Uribe

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