Heirs Of Fire – Pain & Victory

Rating: 2.5/5
Distribution/Label: Volcano Promotions
Released: March 2020
Buy The Album: iTunes
Band Website: Heirs Of Fire

Band Line Up:

John Legato


1 – Sweet Danger
2 – Pain&Victory
3 – Corrupted
4 – Undead
5 – Feed The Beast
6 – Set Me Free


Italy’s John Legato has released his new project, Heirs Of Fire, and they have released their first effort out to the world in the shape of six tracks on Pain & Victory. John describes their sound as Alt-Metal and you can tell where his influences are pulled from easily throughout the record. Elements of bands like Breaking Benjamin and Shinedown’s brand of American radio alternative rock and metal would be a good way to pigeon hole them.

With the record’s opener “Sweet Danger”, the song takes a slightly different step in the direction you may not have thought it would go, but instead of it being a welcomed switch up and keeping things interesting, it feels a bit too much of an abrupt change that jolts you into a different direction that isn’t a welcoming change. This seems to be a familiar trend through the record, but they also don’t quite hit the mark, leaving the listener wondering where and why this happened. 

The overall feeling of this release is that is it very safe, and I could see a fan of the previously mentioned bands, early 00’s radio rock and the more commercial side of metal could be quite into Pain & Victory, but if you are looking for a face-melting shred of guitar or drums fills that will be spoken of in legend, you may need to look elsewhere. While a track like Pain & Victory is a clear choice for a single, with its almost southern rock feel meets NWOBHM, which can also be heard with the galloping starting to Corrupted, the latter half of the record doesn’t stand as well, leaving it ultimately not as memorable as the title track itself.

Review by

Andrew Shirley