Poems by Olga Sorokina

Let us introduce Olga, a young alternative lady inspired by goth/metal subcultures. Her professional career has been a long and varied one – from being an English tutor, to a professional translator, a proofreader and editor. On top of that she has a Master of Arts from a UK university. She has always been fond of and fascinated by art and everything creative. As a result, some years ago she started writing poems and developed a strong passion for it. Creativity became one of her chief forms of self-expression and she now wishes to proceed with it by becoming a recognised poet and using her poetry to help others. At first sight, her poetry may seem to be dark, somewhat depressing and sad; however, there’s a certain light in it as it reflects how a person can overcome hardships, pain, loneliness, and become stronger and happier.

Olga Sorokina
Olga Sorokina


You rush to hide inside your flat
Alive? No, rather dead…
Avoid reflection in your mirror
Petrified with inner fear
Masks are off, alone you are

The journey home felt way too far
Still mirrors shake and crack
At the sight of Mighty Wreck
All fake smiles turn to grin
And your head will start to spin

All the spark just fade away
Giving pain its righteous way
And exhaustion and despair

With your skin far more than fair
Gulp of air from the smoke
Fix yourself and then revoke
Connect the bits, arrange your scheme
Shine again with darkest beam

Collect your strength, the power and your valour – Reinforcement of your armour

Now face the pain in your reflection
Which, in fact, is your perfection…


The forest

Tell your secrets to the forest –
The most shocking, bitter and the sorest,
Make the leaves turn scarlet red
And the roots so pale and dead.

Chase the pain and agony of yours
Since you have no other choice,
Shake the branch with frozen tears
Feel the coldness of your fears
As there are none of them at all
When you rise so high and fall.

Pain remains where it should be
And it’s pain that sets you free,
So let the woods listen to your part
Let them heal and help you start
Standing up and facing pain,
Crashing any trace of shame
Smashing weakness and dismay,

Let the forest hear your Say…

Midnight Light

Midnight Light is Yours and bright;
Midnight Light feels so tender and so soft
Warming up This heart of Frost;
Void embraced and monsters chased away,
And the night takes certain ways.

Candles lit with music fit
Caressing not only ear
But Your mood and soul, my Dear.

Dying seconds of the clock?
Not a single thought of shock,
Calm, tranquil You Are
Checking time – it’s not that far,
Screaming silence in Your room
And inside this blast of Doom

No one hears except You
And it’s very calming too.

Midnight light’s here only Yours
Doing vast, important chores,
Comfort zone, so dark and healing
Fixing each of broken feelings.

Midnight light and blackest night
Just for You to stay alive,
Turn existence into Life.

Poems are ® Olga Sorokina and not to be used or published without prior permission.